The Search for the Rarest Record Ever Made

April 28, 2009

Daniel Finkelstein over at Times Online thinks he has identified the rarest and most valuable record ever made.

Most may be aware that “Hey Jude” is considered to be the first record on the Beatles' Apple label. Although The Fab Four decided not to have an Apple 1 release made but, instead, had "Those Were the Days" by Mary Hopkins put out as Apple 2.

Even though it was thought that there was no record on the Apple label that had been pressed as Apple 1, Beatles friend Tony Bramwell is telling a different story in his book Magical Mystery Tours:

Meanwhile the first Apple label was run-off reading "The Lady is a Tramp" by Frank Sinatra. And it was pressed at the EMI factory as Apple 1. There was a big party and the record was played. It was quite something. Then Ron ordered the master stampers crushed. The tape was cut up and destroyed.

It is said that Ringo gave the one and only copy in the world to his wife Maureen Starkey, but she's dead now. So, where is this one-of-a-kind LP? Time to clean out the attic, yo.

Source: Keystone/Getty Images