John Malkovich One Step Closer to Spider-Man 4

January 11, 2010

It's kind of hard to know what to believe these days when it comes to Spider-Man 4 rumors. The little war going on between Sony and director Sam Raimi means that anything can change at any point, but as of today we can rest assured that John Malkovich is one step closer to being cast in the new Spidey flick.

Malkovich spoke with an Italian sports program that he is waiting on a new draft of the Spider-Man 4 script, and it seems like he wouldn't be waiting for it unless it in some way pertained to him. We have to assume he's being scripted to play the Vulture:

Malkovich didn’t refer to his character by name, but as reports, he said that filming has been delayed and he’s waiting for a new script, and hopes they’ll be shooting soon. Boilerplate stuff, sure, but that’s confirmation that he’s been involved up until this point. And while there was also the story that Anne Hathaway was mixed up in the film as a character called the Vulturess, remember that she’s apparently been nixed, and hopefully that character has gone away as well.

However this whole thing shakes out, it's encouraging to see an actor the caliber of Malkovich possibly becoming a part of this film. But does this mean that Dylan Baker is out as The Lizard? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Spider-Man 4 has been cancelled by Sony and the entire franchise is getting a reboot.

Source: Mark Mainz/Getty Images