Ep III :Kiribati Knight vs. Maasai War Chief

February 10, 2011

Welcome back to the fans bonus season. This week we have two of the worlds most exotic warriors trade blows as the Kiribatis, the Pacific's most elite warriors, take on the Maasais, Africa's most killer tribal fighters. Both are deadly, but: WHO. IS. DEADLIEST!?!


Close Range: Rere shortsword

Mid Range:Four Brong Sharktooth spear.

Long Range: Tekoromatan Javelin

Specailized Weapon: Shark Tooth Sword

Alternative Weapon: Ula Throwing Club

Defence: Full Body Sennet armour, Blowfish helmet 

Tatics: Duels, Martial Arts, Massacres.


Close Range: Rungu Club

Mid Range: Loin Spear

Long range: Bow and Arrow

Specailized Weapon: Seme Sword

Alternative Weapon: Short axe

Defence: Ox Hide Sheild

Tatics: Ambush, Raids, Shock


Battle will be posted later

Winner: Kiribati!

Close Range: Rere: 7/10

  Rungu: 6/10

Edge: Rere! The Rungu club is a great tool, but not the wouldn't due great against the Kiribatis helmet, while the ere could slash and gash the Maasai up close.

Mid Range: Shark toothed Spear: 7/10

       Loin Spear: 8/10

Edge: Loin Spear! The Shark toothed spear is much longer, but is almost un weidily against the fast spear and shield of the Maasai.

Long Range: Tekoromatan: 6/10

 Bow and Arrow: 9/10

Edge: Bow and Arrow1 The spear is nothing compared to the shield, while the bow and arrow is both fast and powerful.

Special Weapon: Shark Toothed Sword: 7/10

      Seme: 8/10

Edge: Seme! The sword is smaller than the shark tooth chainsaw, but because it can stab, it gets a slight edge.

Alternative Weapon: Ula: 6/10

   Short Axe: 6/10

Edge: Both! Both weapons have their pros and cons against each others defences.

Defence: Sennet armour/ Blowfish helmet: 15/20

    Ox Hide Shield: 15/20

Edge: Both! The Sennet would stop some of the Maasais weapons, and while the shield could defend good, the lack of personal armour holds the Maasai back.

Tatics: Skill/Masscare: 20/25

 Ambush/Terror: 15/25

Edge: Kiribati! Lets look at this way: The Kiribati knows the ropes of sneak attacks and dirty tactics, but has duelling skills to back it up.


Kiribati: 68/100

Maasai: 67/100

Ending Statement: I'm surprised with these results. I looked at these guys so much to try and find who was the better man. The Maasai had the weapons and the shield, but the Kiribati just had that more level of skill and personal weapons.