Lady Sovereign Arrested for Assaulting Bouncer

September 28, 2009

Pint-sized British MC Lady Sovereign spent a night in an Australian jail over the weekend after taking part in a drunken assault on a bouncer.
Louise Amanda Harman, better known as Lady Sovereign, was charged with assault and spent the night in jail after spitting in a doorman's face at the popular Brisbane gay club The Beat.

Police reported that Sovereign was “hysterical” as she was tossed out of the club during early hours of Saturday morning:

Harman faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court later on Saturday (Sept. 26) morning, where she pleaded guilty to assault and drunk and disorderly charges. She was fined $400 Australian ($345) and ordered to pay $200 Australian ($172) compensation to the bouncer.

SOV then took to her Twitter to vent about the incident:

Brisbane police need to go catch some real criminals... what a waste Spitting in someone's face is nasty, but how about a guy dressed up as a girl running at you in the toilets and punching you in the head?

This broad is a real class act. If she actually had some talent I might have had a reason to defend her here. Unfortunately for her, she has very little.


Source: Andy Sheppar/Getty Images