Rolling Stone May Have Found an Ace for Their Company Softball Team

August 11, 2010

If I had a dollar for every time a future Hall of Fame baseball pitcher quit his job with the San Francisco Giants in order to take backstage pictures of Soundgarden (thanks to Randy Johnson), I’d have exactly one dollar.

The former baseball ace retired last year in a reported effort to pursue his passion of music photography.

“I've enjoyed music forever, and photography, so one plus one! I envy these photographers that shoot for the bands, taking great pictures, having total access and getting them published," he said, shortly before devouring Tokyo.

Johnson explains that he has always dreamt of the constant rejection and lifelong self-doubt that a career in photography can bring, and thinks that his $250 million net worth won’t disallow him from putting the phrase “struggling artist” on a business card.

He is currently trying to get his work published by some of the larger publications in America, and with the fall softball season starting shortly it seems likely that a competitive editor will be willing to take a chance on a rookie photog with limited experience and a few Cy Young awards.

Photo: G Fiume/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images