Mantenna - Wednesday, May 5

May 5, 2010

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a serious Walk of Fame error, Justin Bieber fans send Kim Kardashian death threats, and a man accidentally goes cliff diving while searching for his golf ball...the Mantenna is the undisputed champion of the world!

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Walk of Fame Error

Yesterday Julia Louis-Dreyfus received a coveted star of the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, yet there was a problem. Organizers had misspelled her name. The star said "Julia Luis Dreyfus.” The organizers were left scrambling to fix the error in time for the unveiling ceremony. They managed to do so but Louis-Dreyfus was somewhat amused by the error. She told the crowd, “The misspelling was so perfectly apt, a great metaphor for show business. Right when you think you've made it, you get knocked down. It's an ideal metaphor for how this business works." The actress is the first cast member of Seinfeld to receive a star. [NBC]

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Goes Too Far

Jesse James’ original mistress is set to unveil a naughty little secret. The attention whore and professional stripper is set to unveil her most private of parts and prove to everyone she doesn’t have a Nazi swastika tattooed down there. She took to her blog, saying, “I'm going to show the world what's really inked on my va-jay-jay!” Well, it’s not really the world. If you want to see Ms. McGee’s "va-ja-jay" (she’s so classy) you’re going to have to cough up some dough. Only premium members of her website will be able to catch a glimpse of her vaginal artwork. Haven’t we seen enough of this woman already? [Huffington Post]

Justin Bieber Fans Send Kim Kardashian Death Threats

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has apparently been getting death threats from Justin Bieber fans after he jokingly described her as his girlfriend. Kardashian was shocked by the outpouring of messages she received after tweeting she had "Bieber fever" after meeting the popper at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington on Saturday. In a message directed at Justin, who posted a picture of them together describing the brunette beauty as his girlfriend, she tweeted: "I'm getting death threats from your fans! This is unBeliebable!!! (sic)"  Bieber responding with: "Seriously?" This is getting outta control. [MTV]

Man Accidentally Goes Cliff Diving While Searching for His Golf Ball

A 66-year-old man is currently in the hospital after falling nearly 100 feet off the side of a cliff while looking for his golf ball. The New Zealand man noticed that his ball was near the edge of a sharp peak on his local course, and given the three dollars it would have cost to replace the ball, he naturally decided to chase after it. Both the ambulance and medical personnel that brought him back to life both agreed that it was the smart move to make. [Deadspin]

Japanese Scientists Discover That One Man's Crap is Another Man's Battery

A Japanese company called Super Faith has developed a new machine that turns used adult diapers into a clean fuel source in about 24 hours. You simply place the bag of dirty diapers in the machine, and once set in motion it pulverizes, sanitizes, and dries the material in the diapers, then forming it into small pellets to be used in biomass heating and electricity systems. Super Faith has reportedly installed two SFD systems at a hospital in Tokyo's Machida area. Each is capable of turning 700 pounds of used diapers — and everything they hold — into fuel every day. We're sure that hospital smells lovely. [Inhabitat]

Are Lie Detectors Coming to a Dystopian Future Near You?

When you lie, your brain will send more blood to the ventrolateral area of your prefrontal cortex. fMRI scans can tell when this happens by measuring blood-oxygen levels in the brain. Soon such brain-scanning lie detectors may be used in courts. fMRI scans aren't exactly perfect when it comes to showing when someone is lying— in some small studies the accuracy has ranged from 76 percent to over 90 percent — but a Brooklyn attorney, David Levin, is fighting to use them in a case anyway. Levin thinks that the scans will be sufficient to determine whether a woman's employer really was treating her unfairly after she complained about sexual harassment. This should end well. [Wired]

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