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Mantenna - Michelle Obama on Reality TV

by ncoles   July 19, 2011 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 1,999
Michelle Obama is headed to reality television, Lamar Odom is involved in a deadly car crash, and DMX is a free man… the Mantenna can't be satisfied!

Michelle Obama is Headed to Reality TV

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

According to reports, the one and only First Lady Michelle Obama is gonna step her game up for an appearance on the reality television program Extreme Makeover. Yes, that Extreme Makeover. The upcoming episode will feature a boarding house being built in North Carolina for homeless women veterans and the White House has stated that Michelle Obama will join the show on Thursday to help construct the fancy new abode for Barbara Marshall and the women of the Steps N Stages Jubilee House in Fayetteville. Even though it's a little ridiculous that the First Lady will appear on a reality show, this is still kinda cool.

Lamar Odom Involved in Deadly Car Crash

The 15-year-old boy hit in a car accident involving L.A. Laker Lamar Odom last Thursday has died. Odom was a backseat passenger in the hired car when it hit a motorcycle driver and then hit the unidentified boy. Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to pay their condolences. Odom tweeted, "Thank you for your support and prayers! My thoughts and prayers are with the young boys family..." Khloe tweeted a series of tweets, saying, "My heart/soul goes out 2every1 in pain from any suffering. Pray 4 all of the angels surrounding us constantly. May our spirits stay strong. Above all, love each other deeply, b/c love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality 2 1another without grumbling 1 Peter 4:8-9. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Our love will give us strength! Love conquers ALL!"

Katy Perry's Marriage is Not in Trouble

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage/GettyImages

Katy Perry has come out fighting against rumors her nine-month marriage to comedian Russell Brand is already on the rocks. The boobilicious singer took to Twitter, tweeting, "Just cause we don't flaunt our relationship doesn't mean there's something wrong w/it." The perky pop star also added, "Privacy is our luxury." Katy's hubby Russell Brand responded by tweeting, "You tell em, Mrs Brand!" The denial comes after the British media reported "the couple is headed for a trial separation" and that Brand was recently spotted with a "Katy Perry lookalike." Ah, it's good to know these two are still going strong. Or, is the fact that she's issued a denial mean that cracks have started to form in the relationship?

DMX is a Free Man

The dog is free once again, y'all. Earlier today, troubled rapper DMX was set free after serving a seven-month prison sentence in an Arizona prison jail. The rapper was originally given a one-year sentence for violating his probation, the latest legal run-ins for the MC after more than 25 arrests. "I spoke to my daughter, I just got off the phone with my wife," DMX said after his release to AllHipHop.com, "I'm going to go see my daughter while the sun is up then I'm going to be in the studio, man."