New iPhones Run on 3G Network

June 9, 2008


Steve Jobs announced today that the new iPhones are going to go on sale July 11th. The new phones will feature 3G distribution, which should be a marked improvement over the old EDGE network. In his demonstration, Jobs loaded a graphics-rich site in 21 seconds on the new phone, as opposed to 59 seconds it took to load the phones on the EDGE network.

The new 8 gigabyte iPhones will go for $199, while the 16 gigabyte phones are priced at $299. Aside from a faster network, the new iPhone also features built in GPS, an extremely handy function for everyone lacking this technology in their vehicles.


The back of the phone is now plastic and comes in white or black. The battery lasts five hours when used for talking, 24 hours when used as an iPod.

Several new applications are being rolled out along with the new iPhones, including free news feeds from the Associated Press, TypePad, a free blogging program from Apple, and, an application that provides video highlights from games soon after they've aired.

Apple is also introducing Mobile Me, a server that will combine email and contacts, and will be compatible with Microsoft Exchange. When information is altered on the phone, any computers connected to the service are also updated. The service costs $99 a year.

In short, the new iPhones will do just about everything for you except take your calls and set up your meetings. Let's hope come July 11th they'll have stocked enough for everyone who wants one this time.