Canadian Football League Bans Steroids, Still Allows 12th Man on Field

by davidbreitman   June 30, 2010 at 3:01PM  |  Views: 176

The CFL Players’ Union and league officials have finally solved the problem of steroids in Canadian football. Now all they need to do is figure out how to incorporate a fourth down and more Doug Flutie cameos.

According to (Canada’s answer to ESPN):

The league and the CFL Players' Association announced the ratification of a historic four-year collective bargaining agreement Tuesday. For the first time ever, the league will test players for performance-enhancing drugs, starting in 2011.

Apparently CFL players have been able to get away with steroid abuse for far too long, which threatened to hurt the credibility of a league that once had two of its nine teams named “The Roughriders.”

High scoring games, however, may be a thing of the past for Bluebomber and Eskimos fans. Ask any player who’s spent some time in Edmonton how easy kicking a rouge is without any chemically-induced help. It’s almost impossible!

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images


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