Top Ten Underrated Films for Dudes

February 16, 2011

There's classic that should be looked at.

When you watch a film, you know it’s going to be decent. However, what about the films that is overlooked like pretty good to watch. This is where underrated film comes into play, and most of them are worth checking out. These films are decent, just not look at enough. This list cover those a dude would like to give it a try, who knows? It maybe a favorite film of yours.


10. Akira - 1989

            This Japanese classic didn’t get as much of a global release but there are some diehard anime fans who know every detail of both the film and the comic series it’s based on. Because of that, it’s low on the list. Its set in post-war Japan, in a city called Neo-Tokyo after the original Tokyo suffered the same fate as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yes, many Americans, the ones who nuked the cities, still question whether or not it was the right thing to do. However, this time, it was started by paranormal experiments involving a group of orphans in the 1980s, and Akira fails to remember the warning about great powers.

            30 years later another group of orphans stumble upon the case. The main plot is about two teenage gang members, an orphan called Kaneda and Tetsuo. Tetsuo was abandon by his parents and always feels left out until he gets into a motorcycle accident with Takashi, who was involved with the paranormal experiments. Takashi, along with Masaru and Kiyoko, still has their juvenile traits despite being in their late 30s. Only Colonel Shikishima is at what a person of his age would look, and the trio would’ve had same looks if they were allowed to age.

            Colonel Shikishima, at first, appears to be the villain, but he’s only doing what he’s trained to do and that’s protect the citizens from another Akira. Tetsuo becomes the real villain and starts to finish what Akira begun. There’s also a Bonnie and Clyde effect in two groups, Kaneda meets a female freedom fighter, named Kei, while Tetsuo tries to convince his girlfriend, Kaori, to join him on his journey to finish Akira’s work. While this list won’t give out the rest of the plot, but 80s anime film its wroth checking out.


9. Seeing Double - 2003

S Club

            This British film was written by the same guy who wrote Spice world, Kim Fuller, and was directed by Nigel Dick, who did work for Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Ace of Base, Oasis, and Guns N’ Roses. Yes, the guy who directed ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ did the film. It’s a classic case of identity thief, but with a twist, human cloning. Now, there have been other films with cloning and the debate if it should be allowed. This film was released months after the reports of a company claiming they created a clone of a human.

            While it’s never confirmed if it true of not, but it makes you think. If human cloning can be done, you wonder how close to the truth does it come. Anyways, the band finds out someone has stolen their identity and must find the crooks behind it. They kidnap three of the clones, and the real ones act as spies. The band is soon led to where the clones were created and held prisoners.

            Now, it’s also low on the list because it got released in theaters in Great Britain and direct to video here in the states. It’s also a pop music film, so girls might have some favorites. However, there is something for guys, three words: Naked Shower Scene. Yes, there is a shower scene, even though it censored Simpson-style. Come on, the reaction on Bradley when he sees Jon’s clone naked was priceless, even outdoing Tina’s reaction. If you know about the Old Spice Guy, it’s kinda like that but funny.

            Of course, there’s some criminal, in this case named Victor, who wants to take over the world, which it’s so clichéd… who cares. Seeing the reactions of the characters and how they have to save the day is more amusing. If you ever get a chance, check out it. You won’t be disappointed.


8. Venus Wars – 1989

Venus Wars

            Release during the same time as Akira, this anime tells about what would’ve happened if we could colonize a planet. While Mars comes to mind when it comes to going to another planet, but what about Venus. In this, a comet begins the process of making Venus livable for people, and formed two nation-states, Ishtar and Aphrodia. It begins with a sport similar to roller-derby but with motorized unicycles.

            A news reporter from Earth, Susan, goes to cover the pending war between the two nations-states. During the sport, Aphrodia is attacked and that’s where the action starts. The athletes are forced to become warriors to save their save home. It has the kind of action 1980s films had during this time. One team, Killer Commando, receives unlikely help and aimed themselves with weapons that would make a vigilante proud.

            Unable to get back to Earth, Susan must seek shelter and meets Will, a native of Venus, and a relationship begins to form within. The teams are asked to join in the fight to protect Aphrodia in the kind of rush that’s leave you on the edge of your sit. You’ll need to see the film in order to see what will happen to Susan and her new friends.


7. Equilibrium – 2002


            Like Akira, it’s set after a war, but when looking at the film you keep forgetting about it. However, it’s the point since the film was inspired by the next film on the list. Set where being able to express emotions is outlawed and punishable by death because it’s believed to have caused the war. The story focuses on John Preston, a widowed father of two, who works as a Cleric, a law enforcement officer who is to kill without question. However, Preston has a hidden feud after his wife was killed by the state, he is to serve and his son is following in his steps.

            Preston can’t express due to a drug, Prozium, which is designed to suppress emotions. When Preston starts missing his doses, his withdrawal results him questionable on what is he doing and becomes the one to overthrow the government. He’s also is that he must find a way to avoid detection on which his kids had been doing since their mother’s death without the need for Prozium. Preston knew it was only a matter of time before he is caught, but the state was going to make a fatal mistake.

            When one execution exposes him, Preston must confront DuPont and takes on his army before taking out DuPont. The film has a lot of elements like the next film has, but one major difference. Can’t give it away but it’s a good way.


6. Nineteen Eighty-Four – 1984 (version)

1984 Prison Scene

            This version follows most of the novel written by George Orwell and was filmed during the time is mention. The story is about Wilson Smith, a Blue-Overall, worker who is to rewrite history under the orders of the laws. The novel was written in the early years of the Cold War between the US and USSR, and the film was done as listed. Wilson is unhappy with his life until he meets Julia, a follow blue-collar, and begins a life he never thought about.

            However, this becomes a problem and Wilson was about to discover that someone was on to him. This is where O’Brian, a member of the Inner-Party, shows up. At first, O’Brian appears as a fellow rebel until Wilson discovers he’s really working as a punisher, a right-hand man for Big Brother. The film and the novel introduce to the concept that one day someone who be out there watching our every move. An interesting fact… John Hurt, who played Wilson Smith in the film, played the very type of villain is his character was against in V for Vendetta.


5. Maximum Overdrive – 1986

maximum overdrive

            James Rolf said best about these involving machines incoming to life, and Humans have to survive for 8 days during the whole mess. A comet or UFO is at fault for creating the mess to humans but who cares about that, just seeing chaos everywhere is what people wants. The film was written and directed by Stephen King from his works, Trucks, and yet it was the only film he did as of 2011. The soundtrack is only consisted by Australian rock group, AC/DC, on whom King is a fan of. Three of the songs featured on the soundtrack were done just for the film, and were on their album called who made who, called Maximum Overdrive soundtrack.

            The plot focuses on a group of people at a truck stop trying to survive the revolt. Led by Bill Robinson (Emilio Estevez) and the survivors must go to Haven Island where vehicles and machine aren’t going to be a problem to ride it out. Now, it’s never explain about what is going on global but you can also image they’ll be up to something, like the Soviets were in their rockets. Obviously, who cares about that? The trucks are the main villains, especially the Green Goblin one, but you gotta check out the other machine.

            Two scenes people seems to remember is where the guy gets hit blow the belt with a soda can by the vending machine. Another is where a male is steamrolled in a baseball field. Now, there are two things about that, one where the hands changes places when the kid is crushed; two, the original were going to be gorier but it was removed. MANswers did an episode on what would’ve happen, and it’s the closest most are going to get.


4. Kids in America – 2005

Donna Weller

            Remember high school when pretty much most educators were douche-bags? Okay, you might seen Glee and saw how Sue Sylvester is a bitch. Well, Donna Weller, the main villain in the film, is like that but worst, she’s the principal. Weller is one bitch of a principal that would make Howard and Briggs from i-Carly look to the kids from help. Weller tries to make sure the kids are ignorant of the issues that are skill facing kids even today.

            The film talks about sex, drugs, and had some rock/roll. The kids at the school, Booker High, want the people to know about the truth and goes out of their way to do so. However, Weller tries to stop them and gets other teachers involved on quashing the resistance. When she sees her to become Superintendent, the kids had to act fast and they get unlikely help. Some of the teachers hate Weller for suppressing the kids and dissent.

            The film is based on actual events of students’ are being challenged in courts, with one case clearly saying that students have the same federal protection in or out of school in regards to free speech. Josh Stolberg, the film’s director, explained about one case of a teenager writing in a short story meant for her eyes only, and the school thought it was a terrorist threat. Okay, it made sound far-fetch but Stolberg couldn’t help thinking about it because the writing was only just a story and the school didn’t have the all clear to read, even the girl’s father defend her claiming teens should be treated as adults since that’s what they’ll be. There was even an interview with students and teachers who was targeted just for practicing their first amendment, what more American than that. If you have a chance, check out it.


3. Logan’s Run – 1976

Logan's Run

            Based on the novel of the same but with some changes, the film deals with the morals and the question of there is a life after death. Set in the 23rd century (21st century in the book) where a city is the ideal utopia, but there’s a catch. In order to maintain population, an age limit is set at 30 (21 in book) and the age of the people is kept in check with a life-clock, with changes color with age, black on the ‘Last-Day’. It focuses on Logan 5, a police officer called Sandman, who job is to make the rules applies and destroy anyone who tries to escape. Logan is given orders to destroy a place hiding all the Runners.

            While working, Logan meets Jessica 6 and begins to question his work. Along with Jessica, Logan manages to escape the dome city, dodging and killing a robot guardian, and enter the outside world before meeting a man who lived in the area. Because the man lived on the outside, he has aged and shows Logan how life is on the outside. After Logan was reinsure that life can on the outside, he sends report and the citizens of the city escape and sees what life can live on the outside.

            Logan’s run has been remade into TV series and it was different there. In film, anyone has to die at 30, 21 in book, no exception, but in the TV Show, its run by a group of elders, who are twice that age. Francis, the foil in both book and film, is offered a life after 30 if he can get Logan and Jessica. The film is a bit nerdy, but it has some action scenes that a dude who like to see for themselves.


2. Aachi and Ssipak – 2006

Aachi and Ssipak film poster

            You didn’t see this coming, a Korean that takes James Rolf’s comment about diarrhea seriously because in the film, it’s a fuel source. If they make a US version, James Rolf should be in it because diarrhea is accepted. Set in the future, diarrhea is a main source of fuel after other sources of gone; the name of the city is self-explanatory. The government implants clips in their behinds to monitor diarrhea and high producers are paid with a substance called, Juicy-Bars. However, there’s a dark side, or blue-side, to the story.

            The title characters are street thugs trying to survive, and they meet a woman, Beautiful, a high producer who longs for a career in the acting world. They soon learn she wanted by a gang of blue-mutant known as the diaper-gang… no seriously… that is what they’re called. Aachi and Ssipak must protect Beautiful from those who want for diarrhea in order to obtain the Juicy-Bars. The film is fulled of the kind of comedy few often see outside of South Korea, where it was done.

            The attics the trio get into and pretty comical for those who looking to try out different cultures of humor. While us Americans made not understand what is going on with South Korean humor, it gives one a chance to see was going on overseas. Since it’s dealing with topics only a dude can understand; the film is a good view.


1. Damien: Omen II – 1978

Damien Thorn

            The sequel to the first Omen film, not the updated one with Julia Stiles but the second of the Omens. In the first film, Damien is a child adopted by Robert Thorn, an American Ambassador to Great Britain, in order to spare his wife, Katherine, from pain after their first son was a stillborn and Damian’s birth mother died in childbirth. Damien is the son of the devil, and he learning of his roots in this film. After what happened to Robert and Katherine, Richard, Robert’s bother, takes custody of Damien and raises him as his son, and Mark treats him like a brother. Here’s Damien appears to be friendly, but that’s how the Antichrist starts out if you remember a passage in the Bible.

            Damien and Mark are enrolled in a military school, which to Damien, being a demon; suit him well because he’ll need a military mind set. At this time, people are starting to catch on to Damien and try to stop him. However, like in the first film, it all ends in epic fails. The first is Richard’s aunt, Marion, who dies of a heart attack. Then, a woman, Joan, is attacked by a crow around on the road escaping from the looks of the devil in the flesh.

            With each, Damien starts to get suspicious on who is he until Sgt. Neff speaks to him about the devil. When Damien learns about his destiny, first he is in shock on why he was chosen. Man, talking about knowing who your daddy? Could you picture a Maury Povich or Jerry Springer episode would have a hard time dealing with this? The ratings will go through the roof.

            Anyhow, Damien learns he can’t run from who he is and can only accept his fate, which he uses, through involuntary. He’s able to cope with the hardship and defuse conflicts, while dodging through wanting to kill him, but its how the devil works. He’ll appear friendly at first but will so give in on his density. After Mark dies, Richard is convinced that Damien must be destroyed, but Damien is ready for that day. Many people might have forgotten about this classic, but this list hasn’t. After all, what better way to end the list with the one about dealing with the darkest side; dealing with the devil inside?