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The Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

by DannyGallagher   January 31, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,671

5. The EDS Cat Herder Commercial

Let's face it, chicks who don't like football don't have much to do during the Super Bowl other than eat their weight in dip and wonder if this is what God had in mind when He rested on the seventh day. Luckily, the ad wizards behind this EDS ad heard their cry for help. They combined the rough, lonely life of a horseback herder and the cuteness of thousands of adorable cats and made a few seconds of film that both genders could equally enjoy. Then 30 seconds later, it's right back to watching busty babes convincing dumb guys that buying a certain salad dressing will get them some. Oh, you men!

4. The E*Trade Dancing Monkey Commercial

It's got a monkey and it dances. If I have to explain it any further than that, then maybe you should actually be paying attention to the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

3. The McDonald's Jordan vs. Bird Commercial

Two titans of sports meet on an empty court for the showdown that every sports fan has played out in their head a million times. The aggressive forward skills of Michael Jordan and the sharp-shooting scoring ability of Larry Bird face off to determine once and for all who will come out on top. The winner gets the undying love and immortal admiration of all mankind long after the Earth has been reduced to dust, a Big Mac, and fries.

2. The Coke Mean Joe Greene

Just about every soft drink or food ad tries to convince you that their product can give you mutant powers, help you achieve an athletic pinnacle that no man thought could be reached or awaken some spiritual beast that will allow you to defeat the world. This ad from way back in 1979 starring Steelers defensive back Charles "Mean Joe" Greene didn't do any of that. It didn't even give you frigging wings. Instead, a kid who somehow managed to sneak into the locker room of an NFL stadium with very relaxed security tries to get his hero's spirits up and let him know that he's got a fan out there. And to prove it, he gives him his Coke. Greene rewards the kid with an authentic Steelers jersey that the kid will always treasure until the world invents eBay.

1. The Apple Computer 1984 Commercial

This ad will be on just about every Top 10 advertising list and greatest ad list until the end of time. The ironic thing is that where other ads have to beat you over the head with their message until your brain cries uncle, this ad for the Apple Macintosh was only shown as an ad on television ONCE during Super Bowl XVIII. Either Steve Jobs is a mad genius or he is really Big Brother, which makes him an even bigger yet more evil (and not as likable) genius.



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