Yoko Ono Art Exhibit

August 22, 2010

Yoko Ono Art Exhibit

"Touch Me"

As I arrived at Yoko Ono's
art exhibit, "Touch Me"...

I was immediately delighted by all the people
dressed in black....
(Both men and women)

I suppose this was the attire for
Gallery Lelong...
(Located at 528 W26th St.)

Sleek.Classy. I liked it.

It was a kool contrast to the bright white walls...

I walked in further and went over to the desk and signed
the guest book. It was quite full of signatures already.
I took some of the greeting postcards and flyers Yoko
had left out there for her guests which were simple
yet effective....

It read...

Touch me

Y.O. '08

As I entered further, I saw was a long line of portraits...

as it say's in her blog...

"Complementing this contemporary work will be Vertical Memory, in which a composite of a male face—combining Ono's father, husband and son—is contrasted with the artist's succinct and moving texts describing her passage from birth to death."

Each picture had a short piece of narrative
about her life. From birth onward...
Some were incredibly deep and revealing.
Things I have never known about Yoko. Some of them were quite shocking...some were funny...some sad...
(She is so open and totally honest about herself!...and bold!)

I am not going to tell you everything that was under
each picture....you should go and experience that for yourself...

As I walked into the next room, there was a very large canvas
(Almost the width of the gallery!)
with holes which seemed to have been cut with a razor or
carpet knife....in x shapes...

People were there with polaroid cameras ready to take your picture
as you placed your arm or leg or other appendage through
one of the holes and they would snap a pic.
You were free to keep the picture or sign it and leave it
pinned to another wall Yoko had set up for people
to leave their pics. They were hilarious too...that was fun.
I signed mine and left it...Cazzy-The Alien Bluez Dude...Peace Yoko!

As I walked around further, there were these other pictures
taken of different people, each with a interesting look or shade or hue
or expression. I stared at each one for a time...trying to feel Yoko's
mindset and thoughts...

Around the other wall....there was a meduim sized black marble bowl
filled with water....and a note from Yoko...
"Dip your fingers in the water....Touch me"

So I did and walked over to the next table which had several boxes,
each with a different part of the body, made in soft rubber...
(Molds of Yoko's body?)

The first box was the lips, then the breasts, then the tummy, then the pelvis,
then the knees and then the legs, and then finally the feet.

I touched each part as Yoko requested, and it felt like real skin!

Around into the next room, there were four tv's...
Each displaying a different video...of Yoko...
For instance...
One was done in Paris, France....
Yoko sitting in a chair onstage with a black dress on...
People came up from the audience and took a pair of scizzors,
and one by one, they cut pieces of Yoko's dress!
She sat there totally oblivious and calm...
(Peaceful Yoko as always!)
One by one they cut, the audience...
Until finally, she was down to just underthings...It was amazing how each person came up and looked up at Yoko
before cutting another piece of her dress, and Yoko
would just stare straight ahead...totally calm and buddhist.

(You gotta love her!)

I think people were standing around trying to...wait and see
if Yoko would arrive. I didn't want to bother her and bug her for
an autograph...or try and snap a picture of her...so I left.
(She probably is tired of signing those, and having pictures taken I'm sure!) I left a CD of my music for Yoko with one of the girls...and went outside into the beautiful NYC sunny day...

The weird thing was...it actually felt sunnier and brighter inside the gallery!

All in all it was exciting and awesome and kool...Soooo

glad I went!

Love you,Yoko

You are real....real is love...
The Alien Bluez Dude