Knight vs. Viking

January 29, 2011





Mace (No more crapping Morning Star)




Great Axe


Seax/Sheild combo (think about it)



Longsword vs. Broadsword: Broadsword! Simalair design and hacking power, but the broadsword is longer and of better made.

Halberd vs. Great Axe: Halberd! This triple threat is great against heavy infranty, like the viking.

Crossbow vs. Spears: Spears! Call me crazy, but I can throw one spear, then another in shorter time than it takes to load the crossbow.

Mace vs. Seax/Sheild: Mace! Iron head = goodbye sheild. Steel plates = little seax passing.


A knight rides on horse, scouting out the northern lands his lord was hoping to invade. Across the field he is passing, a viking also rides on horse. He already invaded this land, but now he defended it.

The knight stops and stares at the bewildly man. He raises his crossbow and fires. The bolt bursts through the air, impaling its self in the viking shield. This angers the Norseman. he cries and charges. the knight, a bit calmer, charges too.

The viking, having trained for this for years, pulls up two spears on horseback, and throws them with the full power of the horse behind them. One misses the knights right arm by a few feet, but the other impales into his right shoulder.

The power takes him off his horse. He recovers as he pulls the spear out. It got throughout the armour, but the steel was still able to slow it down enough so the damage to his arm was downsized.

The viking charges straight at the knight, sword in hand. The knight grabs his halberd and chops straight at the viking. The axe hits only his shield, but it's still enough to knock him off. The viking regroups and grabs his shield and axe. The two clash.

Axe on axe. The halberd has the distance, but the axe has the shield. the knight feints a chop, allowing him to hook away the shield. The viking chops at the halberd, ripping it out of his hands. The knight backs up to grab his mace. The iron head takes out the axe with a well placed swing. The viking raises his shield so he can grab his seax.


The mace totally destroys the wooden shield, leaving the viking with only his seax. he places a boot in the knights chest. Down goes the knight. The viking stabs the seax into the knights shoulder, hitting what the viking thinks is a major blood vessel. Blood squirts out. The viking licks his seax and cries out.


"No f*cking way" the knight yells. he grabs his broadsword and slashes the back of the viking. Goodbye chainmail, but Vik is still running. He grabs his own sword and clashes with the knight. the knight unleashes his fury on the Norseman, taking chop after chop. Soon, the viking his on his knees. The knight picks up his mace and slams it to the head of the Viking. The brains fly everywhere. 

The steel tank looks down at the headless berzeker. "Dawn sea raiders. They always just have to be around."

Real Winner: Knight!

Who/What/Where/How: The knights armour and range of weapons backed him up all the way.


Broadsword: The range and weight of this bad boy destroyed the chasmal of the viking and chopped him to pieces 170 times

Halberd: The ultra polearm was able to de-sheilded, impaled, and axed Vike to death over 270 times.

Crossbow: Slow reload but sniping abilities aloud this piece of wood and steel to take down the viking, even with the shield, 155 times.

Mace: The iron flanged head of death destroyed the shield and skull of the viking only 100 times. This weapon still brought into factor the removal of the vikings primary defence, which helped the sword and polearm out a lot.

Total: 695


Longsword: The speed, but lack of armour passing abilities, got this sword 50 kills.

Great Axe: This axe was the vikings killer weapon. Taking and destroying the armour of the slow knight got this weapon 150 kills

Spears: Again, the knights slow and these are pretty heavy weapons. The armour killing spears got 75 kills due to lack of range.

Sheild/Seax: The shield wasn't going to club out the knights skulls, nor was the seax hacking through the plates, but by gad, with a large defines and a quick offense, this new deadliest combo was able to bash-and-slash the knight only 30 times.


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