Russian Hockey Team Asked to "Stop Being So Drunk" Before Getting Kicked off of Plane

January 6, 2011

Last night, the Under-20 Russian hockey team captured gold at the World Junior Championship after scoring five unanswered third period goals in a comeback win over Canada. This morning, the crack team of intoxication specialists at the Buffalo airport told members of the squad that they were too drunk to fly back to Moscow in order to celebrate with their countrymen. It’s been an eventful 24 hours for the Russkies.

According to WGRZ
, members of the team deemed too belligerent to sit quietly on an aircraft were sent to the Airport Days Inn where they will sober up and try again on Friday morning.

Ignoring the fact that the whole “Under-20” aspect of the team suggests that they may not be of legal drinking age, this is admittedly one of the more entertaining stories of 2011. In the news report below you can actually see video of hungover players sleeping in baggage carrousel while reeking of vodka and victory. It’s kind of awesome in a “this will definitely come back to haunt them when they make the NHL” kind of way.

(Note: As a Canadian, last night's third period was painful to watch.)



Photo: WGRZ