No Ken/Ryu, Plenty of Chung Li

June 11, 2008


I’m sort of okay with this.  Cinemablend reported that Ryu and Ken are going to be absent from the upcoming Street Fighter movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chung Li.

Surprised?  It is the legend of Chung Li.  And, those two for all intents and purposes have their own pretty kick-ass movie already which I re-watched very drunk the other night.  Side note: even though Guile is the good guy in that movie and his intentions are inarguably honorable, doesn’t he just come off as a pompous ass?   

Anyway, Cinemablend says that nobody likes Chung Li and she doesn’t deserve her own movie.  Obviously they are unaware of her lightning kick which is the feminine, sexy equivalent to E. Honda’s hundred-hand-slap.  This move made her my go-to girl back in the day and floored many of my younger brother’s Ryus in honorable tete-a-tete.

Another thing that doesn’t hurt is Chung Li will be played by Kristin Kreuk seen right here: