Winner Spartan or Ninja?

September 21, 2010

this is one of the biggest controversies on Deadliest Warrior to this date and frankly i dont know why. The spartan won and shoud've won, I mean he had armor, very strong at that. I might be biased on the situation but then again thats why the argument started, people not wanting to look at the other side of the argument, now since you are reading this you seem to want to so i will.


For one he has armor which the ninja doesn't so that helps plus he has strong weapons that are pretty much insta-kill everytime they hit and they results show they hit alot. Now here is something you will say is false but it is true. The spartans were fast that was part of their traing to be stealthy and fast. They tested that by sneaking up on a Helot (slave) and killing hi, that was the final test to be a true spartan man. Another thing is their training they trained since they were 7 and kept traing throught their whole life. He took blow when he was 8 that the ninja wouldn't feel untill he was 20-30. Now one of the most important reason they one the sheild. It was HUGE 4 feet all around with pyramid built wood with bronze over it, it was perfect, an offencive and defencive machine. Remember the old spartan saying " come back with your sheild or on it" meaning come back victorious or dead.


Doesn't have alot going for him except speed and stealth which is effective when used right but there are problems with it. I liked their weapons but they weren't strong enough to get through the armor and obvisouly not fast enough to get around it