March 11, 2010

The Kandyland party at the Playboy Mansion on June 26th is billed as, “An Evening of Decadent Dreams.”  Now that sounds good enough for a party for sure.  But what does it mean, really? 

Let’s see, the definition of decadent is:  “moral degeneration or decay; unrestrained or excessive self-indulgence.”  Hahahahaha!  I’d say that hits the nail on the head for this party.  Moral degeneration—here I come!  Unrestrained or excessive self-indulgence?  You bet!!!

OK, now let’s check out dreams:  “a wild or vain fancy; something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence.”   Right on!  That’s the way I like my women oh yeah, oh yeah!  That’s the way I expect them to be at the Playboy Mansion oh yeah, oh yeah!

So the Kandyland party is an evening of decadent dreams.  Cool.  Count me in. 

Gonna stop writing this stupid blog and buy my Kandyland tickets right now.