Mantenna - Tuesday, October 19

October 19, 2010

The girls of Glee get naughty, Kanye West talks about almost killing himself, and ESPN wants you to watch more crappy football...the Mantenna is only happy when it rains!

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Glee Girls Get Naughty

Glee stars Lea Michele and Dianna Agron have posed for a sexy pictorial in GQ magazine. The two actresses have stripped down and transformed into naughty schoolgirls for the November issue of the magazine. In some shots the duo is joined by Cory Monteith (who, thankfully, is fully dressed). Michele opens up to the magazine about her looks and the pressure she felt to undergo plastic surgery. She says, “I was one of the only girls in my high school that didn't get one. And if anybody needed it, I probably did.” Agron on the other hand is just thankful that Monteith joined the shoot. She says, “When it was just Lea and me, I was like, 'We're in skimpy clothes, we're up against each other. This is feeding those rumors.' I've never been shot in so little clothing.” Yep, the shots definitely are skimpy. [GQ]

Tom Bosley of Happy Days Passes

One of America’s most loved television dads has passed away. Tom Bosley, who played Richie Cunningham’s father on Happy Days for 10 years, died after suffering heart failure. He was age 83. Initially Bosley turned down the role on Happy Days, but later changed his mind. In a 1986 interview he said, “After rereading the pilot script, I changed my mind because of a scene between Howard Cunningham and Richie. The father/son situation was written so movingly, I fell in love with the project.”  After Happy Days Bosley went on to play major roles in Murder, She Wrote and Father Dowling Mysteries. Henry Winkler, who played the Fonz on Happy Days, released a statement saying, “Tom was a family member, both on and off the sound stage. We acted together, traveled together, and played charades together. He was a loving husband, a doting father, and a fantastic grandfather. He will be so missed but never forgotten by the Winkler Family or the world.” [New York Times]

Kanye West Wanted to Kill Himself

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During a recent screening of his new film Runaway, Kanye West told an audience full of fans that he actually thought about killing himself after his drama with Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs back in 2009. Kanye opened up to the crowd saying that "there were times that” he “contemplated suicide." Although, West did say, "I will not give up on life again." "There's so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard. I do it for them." I’m sure a few people out there might disagree with Ye on this one. [LA Times]

ESPN Wants You to Watch More Crappy Football

Last night, during the Jacksonville Jaguars' blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans, the team took a late game time out in order to prolong their beating… Or did they? The Big Lead is reporting that "according to Titans coach Jeff Fisher, “My understanding is they needed network timeouts, and that’s why Jack used his timeouts. They came over and asked me to do it, but I said, ‘I was hoping to get a first down and kneel on it." Well, that seems pretty ethical. [The Big Lead]

Vanilla Ice Now Coaching Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

Bill Self is feeling the groove. Specifically, Vanilla Ice's groove. Deadspin amusingly reports that Kansas coach Bill Self told 16,500 fans that the 2008 title "was great," but it's time to 'cut down some more nets.' Then, the one-time champion came out dressed as Vanilla Ice, who some might call a one-hit wonder." Self declined to comment about the irony of his ensemble, but did urge fans to check out his hook while the DJ revolved it. [Deadspin]


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