Trent Reznor's Mind-Blowing iPhone App

April 7, 2009

Trent Reznor – always at the crest of music technology and industry innovation – has stepped up again to build his own iPhone application.  And it’s better than anything else in the music business. 

At a show, once, Reznor noticed that fans were twittering photos of the show.  Because he maintains a Twitter page of his own, he tweeted out pics from backstage to the fans and the kernel of the NIN iPhone application was born. 

It features streaming music, free NIN music (of course), and a Twitter-like feature which allows for photo sharing with geotagging built into it.  And, next, they’re even considering adding a wiki feature: NinWiki.

Why is Reznor doing this and nobody else?  Here’s what he says:

"Anyone who's an executive at a record label does not understand what the internet is, how it works, how people use it, how fans and consumers interact — no idea," he declares. "I'm surprised they know how to use e-mail. They have built a business around selling plastic discs, and nobody wants plastic discs any more." 

Source: Catherine McGann/Hulton Archive/Getty Images