Aging TV Hosts Think You Shouldn't Be Gaming After Thirty

July 12, 2011

We're pretty sure that you shouldn't be getting your dating advice from morning talk show programs. And we're 100% sure you shouldn't be getting your dating advice from people who aren't, you know, good at dating in the first place. Nonetheless, the Today show has decided to delve into the world of dating while gaming, and has decided you're a weird loner who doesn't deserve love if you're still doing it after 30.

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The fun starts in the clip above at the 2:11 mark, with one host offering this profound insight. “No, that's weird. Xbox.” Seriously. She just says “Xbox”. Although to be honest, we're impressed somebody that age and that far out of touch is even aware that an Xbox exists, so, way to stay hip with the kids, Kathie Lee!

Essentially, the host and their guest, Donny Deutsch, conclude that if a guy still has video games on his mind past the age of thirty, something is wrong with him and he lives in a basement. Granted, coming from Deutsch, who has a bit of a reputation for looking down on gamers, this is less than a surprise. But still, you'd think video games would be an acceptable hobby at this point, considering 72% of America plays video games and your average gamer is 37 years old. Come on, people, you're in Farmville's target demographic.

Then again, Deutsch has the chutzpah to dispense relationship advice on air after a divorce, breaking up with his pregnant girlfriend, and sleeping with another man's wife, so maybe we should take his opinion on more than just video games with a grain of salt.

Source: MSNBC