SpartanNinja's Zombie Apocalypse

February 12, 2011

First Name: Cedar
Height: 6'0"
Weight:140(A lot of muscle and bone, 4% body fat)
Start:Medium Sized Town
Beginning of Virus
Melee Weaponry:2
Athletics:3(I run a lot, and do track)
Driving:1(Roker can drive for me haha)


Cedar, you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, a few miles away from The Strips and major Casinos, you are there because of a track competition. This is the night before, and you are relaxing in your complimentary hotel room, on the third floor of a resort. You're watching the wide-screen T.V. And you get the same Government Screening as everyone else. A new strand of a virus causes people to gradually go from sick, to comatose, to dead. Then they revive, shamble, and bite. The Government reccommends staying indoors. Nearby, a Mom & Pop casino has some people die, and seemigly stand up again, and eat others, in your hotel room is a minifridge stocked with complimentary drinks and food.