Unemployed Man Finds $150K in His Garden and Gives It To The Police

August 31, 2011

Times are tough. Unemployment is hovering below the double digit mark. D.C. is locked in an epic struggle between instituting a stupid idea or instituting a really stupid idea. Finding a bag of money would be a Godsend because it would prove that American currency still exists somewhere in the universe.

One man in Illinois who is also suffering from the pains of unemployment had just that happen to him when he found two big bags of money in his backyard during a weekend barbecue.

Wayne Sabaj was smoking a tasty pork shoulder and needed some homegrown broccoli from his garden to go with it. As he rustled through his collection of fresh veggies, he noticed a large bag amongst the greenery and inside, he found tens of thousands in cold hard cash, a surprise that could only be topped by the second bag of green he found just a few feet away from it.

And instead of just keeping the money for himself the way that every other human being on the planet would, he reported it to the authorities. Of course, if no one claims the money, he'll get to keep it and if there's such a thing as karma in this world, he should.

Photo: Dave Nagel/The Image Bank/Getty Images