Mafia vs Al Capone.

August 30, 2010

BEGINNING ASSESSMENT: Your probably wondering, 'Wasn't Capone already a Mafia member? Why would they fight each other?' Well that's the beauty of it!


SHORT RANGE: Baseball Bat.

SHORT RANGE 2: Ice Pick.

MEDIUM RANGE: Sawed Off Shotgun.

LONG RANGE: M1A1 Tommy Gun.

EXPLOSIVE: Molotov Cocktail.


SHORT RANGE: Brass Knuckles.

SHORT RANGE 2: Stiletto Knife.

MEDIUM RANGE: Colt Pistol.

LONG RANGE: 1928 Tommy Gun.

EXPLOSIVE: Pineapple Grenade.


Baseball Bat vs Brass Knuckles. EDGE = Baseball Bat.

Even though both are very devastating, the Bat is longer and can cause more trauma on the rest of the body than just the head.

Ice Pick vs Stiletto Knife. EDGE = Stiletto Knife.

All though both are lethal and have a 3 inch blade, the Stiletto is concealable, can slash, and cause more trauma.

Sawed Off Shotgun vs Colt Pistol. EDGE = Sawed Off Shotgun.

Just like with the Walther P-38, the Shotgun can cause much more damage with just two bullets. It can make a fist sized hole into any part of the body.

M1A1 Tommy Gun vs 1928 Tommy Gun. EDGE = M1A1 Tommy Gun.

Even though this was VERY CLOSE, the M1A1 is just more accurate as seen when the Mafia fired at seven targets, and Capone shooting at three. The Mafia were much more accurate.

Molotov Cocktail vs Pineapple Grenade. EDGE = Pineapple Grenade.

The Pineapple Grenade has both an explosion and concussian force which is more deadly than the glass breaking and the fire bursting.


A large city alley shows two Mafia members beating a person in debt with a baseball bat. Before they get to break his legs, five other mafia members come up. But they're from a rival gang. One takes out a sawed off shotgun, but the gangster on the Capone side takes out a 1928 Tommy Gun and shoots the rival bootlegger. Mafia = 4. Capone = 5.

The other takes the person as a human shield but they just killed both. As soon as one from the back of gang walks from them he is noticed as Capone himself. Capone heads toward where they came from, but the two in the back stay guard with a colt pistol, a stiletto, and a tommy. Al and the other two disappear from the alley. As soon as they do so, a molotov cocktail is thrown next to the two body guards. Mafia = 3. Capone = 3.

Another Capone bootlegger heard the comossion and he throws a grenade down an alley that connects to the alley that the previous battle was fought in. It stops rolling down the alley at a garage door, halfway opened. A body falls out from the explosion. The grenade thrower comes closer with a Colt Pistol, but tommy bullets fly at him. Mafia = 2. Capone = 2.

The tommy shooter walks out the alley with an ice pick and stabs Capone's last worker. Capone is next. Right before he stabs, a pair of brass knuckles fracture his face. Capone, now alone, has to prepare himself with any attack coming from any direction. He grabs another Tommy Gun. As he reaches down to get it, a bat knocks him down. Al pulls his stiletto out to stab his enemy but a shotgun shoots Capone in the neck. Mafia = 1. Capone = 0.

MAFIA: 534.

Baseball Bat: 45.

Ice Pick: 20.

Sawed Off Shotgun: 157.

M1A1 Tommy Gun: 284.

Molotov Cocktail: 28.

CAPONE: 466.

Brass Knuckles: 13.

Stiletto Knife: 27.

Colt Pistol: 144.

1928 Tommy Gun: 256.

Pineapple Grenade: 26.

BEST PERFORMING WEAPON: M1A1 Tommy had a spectacular 284 kills, more than half of the Mafia's score.

LEAST PERFORMING WEAPON: The Brass Knuckles weren't very deadly adding up to only 13 kills.