Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Aztec Eagle vs. Abyssinian

August 19, 2010

The Abyssinians were warriors who fought in ancient Ethiopia. Their weaponry was mainly simple and few, like the Spartan. This gave them less to worry about. The Aztec Eagles were the counerparts of the Jaguar in the Aztec army. The eagle warriors were, "soldiers of the sun", and given the name "Eagles" because of their baffling ability to defy gravity and fly! (Just kidding about that last one.) They would dress themselves with the head of an eagle, and cover their bodies with distracting eaglett feathers. The weapons on both sides are fierce. Can the Eagle redeem themselves in this African vs. Central American rematch?

The weapon that the Abyssinian used was a weapon with a long draw that made tiny pellets deadly. When it came to getting foes at a distance, they'd use...the slingshot.

The man in the picture isn't quite Ethiopian, but you get the idea. To the Africans, this weapon was literally child's play. They had perfected their accuracy with it since they were young children.

Aztecs training consisted more about captures for human sacrifice than anything else. The Aztec's military training began at age 17. One of the weapons that the young warrior was taught to use...the tlahuitolli bow!

The Eagles could get the range on their African friends using this bow. In addition, the Aztecs had special arrows that were designed for war because of their sharp obsidian edges. It was called the yaomitl, and the barbs let the arrow easily go into a person, but not out, piling on the damage.

The Abyssinian then strikes with another weapon...their spear, which to them was known as the quiyanw. It was designed to either be stab or be thrown, and its shape let it glide through the air and hit a target effectively while he was twenty feet away.


The spear was one of the primary weapons used by the Abyssinians, and it gave them seven and a half feet of protection and penetration. The steel tip allowed for the spear to slice into an opponent.

To counter this, the Eagles had a spear of their own called the tepoztopilli.

The obsidian weapon was as large as the person carrying it, and there has been a firsthand account of the spear-like weapon actually piercing a Conquistador's armour!

The Africans had a weapon that they liked to use when getting in close...a curved dagger with a long range known as the methaht or shotel.

As you can see, these blades were really quite long compared to other daggers of the time.

The next Eagle Warrior weapon was one of the choice weapons that this Central American used for intimidation. It probably packed a more devastating punch than the maquhitl, and certainly looked more sinister. It was known as the huitzaqui.

The weapon was a simple club made powerful when inlaid with deadly spikes. This may just be the weapon that will the the Abyssinians crying to their mothers.

Next, we have special weapons, and there are some very interesting choices on both sides. The Ethiopians may have coupled small rocks with the slingshots, but they would use their own manpower when employing...boulders.

It's a revisit to the stereotypical movie scened where a boulder suddenly chases our hero. The Ethiopian warriors could very well fight guerilla style, and roll up the huge rocks when no one noticed. Then, when their enemy least expected it, WHAM! The last thing they see is a huge rock hurtling torwards them. This strategy was so effective that it was employed in World War 2 when the Italians invaded the country. The Africans would use the rocks to trap or even crush tanks.

The next weapon that the Aztecs are bringing to the game isn't quite so scary, but deadly in its own way. They would use a stealthy killer... the tlacalhuazcuahuitl.

The long tube that the blowgun was made of was usually a hollow reed, and the ammunition was poisonous darts. However, this weapon was seen more often in hunting than warfare, though I'm sure the cast of Deadliest Warrior wouldn't mind making an exception in this case.

Finally, both sides have armour. (Naturally.) The Abyssinian body armour consisted of cloth armour, which game them space to move, a helmet, some heavy mail (which was advanced, considering Africa) with a protective yet flexible metal tubing around the neck, and a shield.

However, some of the armour was rarely used, so they'd probably appear on the programme with just the shield and the cloth coating. Still better than nothing, and it gives them mobility. The shield was called the welatw.

Meanwhile, the Aztecs did a good deal to protect themselves from bodily harm. For one thing, they used a shield called the chimali. There were many different shield types made of many different materials, but this was probably the most famous.

And of course, they had their quilted cotten armour use to defend against obsidian blades and darts.

One question remains now.

Aztec Eagle...

...or Abyssinian?

Who will be...the Deadliest Warrior?