Car-ma Sutra - Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Car

June 12, 2008


With gas so pricey at the moment it’s just too expensive for leisurely drives or long road trips. So...what’s a man to do in a world of $4 gas? Have no fear, there’s a cheap fun way to use your car this summer and it doesn’t involve purchasing gallons of Texas (er, Saudi?) Gold. It’s called the Car-ma Sutra and it’s the only way to ease away those high gas prices.

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Position #1 – Checking Your Fluids


Like a cross country road trip, if you want to go the distance, you have to check your fluids and make sure everything is well lubed and topped to capacity. After all, you don’t want to break down when the journey’s just beginning.

Position #2 – Hands on the Stick Shift


When starting out, you want to ease into different gears. Remember, you should start out slow before you can go fast then alternate between different speeds.

Position #3 – The Airbag


It’s important to check that your airbag is working. Give them a good, thorough inspection. This is fun, comfy and just might save your life.

Position #4 – The Mechanic


Like a mechanic, get on your back and slide on under. Make sure to take everything in and play around with any parts that look like they could use some work.

Position #5 – Plowing Through


When going cross country, it’s good to go off site and plow through the open country. The change of scenery and pace will do you good.

Position #6 – In the Trunk


Don’t be afraid to use the trunk. You’d be surprised how much room’s back there and it’s often under utilized.

Position #7 – Pumping Gas


This is a true energizing position. If you’re teetering on low, try this and you’ll discover a second wind and be able to work it all across town.

Position #8 – Asleep at the Wheel


You have to be careful in this position as it’s dangerously comfortable and could stop your momentum and end in disaster. This position is a risk but every now and then you have to take one.

Position #9 – Backseat Driver


This is one backseat driver everyone will enjoy. In this position feel free to shout things out and be in control. This is also your chance to show you know you way around.

Position #10 – Raising the Hood


Open up the hood to a world of goodies. Make sure to really open up the hood - so you can get a good look at everything. Be careful, this position can be hot.

Enjoy the summer!