Tomb Raider: The Final Hours - A Story of Survival

March 4, 2013

Midnight tonight sees the release of the highly anticipated new game "Tomb Raider." The game is a reboot of the classic franchise that provides a new origin for Lara Croft, and Spike has the inside look.

In "Tomb Raider: The Final Hours – A Story of Survival," GTTV host Geoff Keighley and the new Lara Croft, actress Camilla Luddington, will guide you through the process of reimagining Tomb Raider while staying true to its roots. They'll explore the history of the franchise, interview the game's developers, and get a behind the scenes look at the creation of the riveting action sequences.

There's also a lot of other cool stuff that you won't want to miss, like the instrument that composer Jason Graves invented specifically for the purpose of providing the unique sounds of the game.

Tune in for the GTTV special "Tomb Raider: The Final Hours – a Story of Survival," premiering Tonight at 12:35am/11:35c on Spike.

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Tomb Raider World Premiere
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