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The 10 Non-MMA Fighters Who Might Actually Survive in the Octagon

by Theta1138   September 16, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 18,068
MMA is a difficult sport. Athletes have to have strength, nearly bottomless stamina, lighting quick reflexes, and an equally fast mind. Most who walk in have trouble walking out. But there are a few athletes not currently fighting that we think would be able to make it, and a few from history we wish we could have seen.


And no, Jose Canseco, you are not any of them.

10. Brian McGrattan

Source: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Hockey is known for the grace and skill of its athletes...and the face-pummeling proficiency of its enforcers. And, currently, nobody in the NHL is scarier than Brian McGrattan.

McGrattan, currently playing with the Anaheim Ducks (yes, the team named after the Disney movie), is widely considered one of the toughest guys in hockey. In his first season in the NHL, he went up against one of the league's top fighters, Tie Domi, and punched him right out of the ring, er, rink with a facial injury. He also holds the all-time league record for penalty minutes in a season, 551, which tells you how much this guy likes to put fist to face.

McGrattan dishes it out and takes it in equal measure, and we've got to admit: we'd like to see what he can do in the octagon.

9. John Philip Botha

John Philip Botha isn't shy about, say, gouging somebody in the eye to take them down. This was a guy who hit somebody so hard his shoulder required surgery, and after he got banned, the guy he bulldozed actually said in interviews that the ban shouldn't have happened and it was his own fault he got run over by this human freight train.

Of course, he'd probably get disqualified for all the shenanigans. But it'd be an interesting match.

8. Miguel Olivo

Source: Otto Greule/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Why is Olivo on this list? He's got a reputation as a nice guy. He's not a brawler. He's a hard worker. The fans like him. Why would we put him on a list of potential bruisers?

First of all, he's a catcher: his job is to deal with objects thrown at him at high speeds while squatting for hours, and, oh yeah, avoid the blunt objects that are constantly being swung in his face, some accidentally, some not. Catchers are tough, as a species.

But Olivo is the toughest catcher in the league. How tough? He started passing a kidney stone in the middle of a game...and just kept playing. To give you an idea of how painful kidney stones are, it's not uncommon for grown men to be hauled into emergency rooms screaming in agony.

Yeah, we're pretty sure that after that, whatever the UFC can throw at him isn't anything that's going to faze Olivo.

7. Zach Randolph

The NBA is not a sport noted for its fistfights: you've got to be fast and agile in basketball, not able to beat up the other guy. But it's also a sport notable for the egos involved; you tick off a basketball player, he's probably going to at least try and kick your ass. Just ask any fan who annoys Ron Artest.

So, consider that Z-Bo, in a league full of egos, is the one guy so scary nobody wants to pick a fight with him. We'd be curious to see what, precisely, this player's speed and reflexes could bring to the UFC. If nothing else, it might be a valuable lesson in humility.

6. Zinedine Zidane

Source: Angel Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Widely considered one of the best soccer players of all time, Zidane first became hugely famous in the US for casually dropping somebody insulting his family with a headbutt.

Soccer fans were less than surprised: Zidane may be one of the best players out there, but he also happens to hold the world record for the most penalties. He also happens to be fast, and, for obvious reasons, good with kicks. He's also quick to anger and obviously knows his way around a fight, as Marco Materazzi learned the hard way. In short, he'd make for a great fighter...although we're pretty sure the hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements are already enough for him.