The 10 Non-MMA Fighters Who Might Actually Survive in the Octagon

September 16, 2011
MMA is a difficult sport. Athletes have to have strength, nearly bottomless stamina, lighting quick reflexes, and an equally fast mind. Most who walk in have trouble walking out. But there are a few athletes not currently fighting that we think would be able to make it, and a few from history we wish we could have seen.


And no, Jose Canseco, you are not any of them.

10. Brian McGrattan

Source: Danny Gohlke/Bongarts/Getty Images

A figure skater? We want to see a figure skater in the Octagon? For what? The shortest match ever recorded?

As Nancy Kerrigan proved, not many figure skaters can take a hit. Stojko is an exception. In addition to being one of the few heterosexual male figure skaters (let's face it, it's just not a career path most straight guys get into), he got a black belt in karate at 16 and was in martial arts competitions as late as 2005.

He also happens to be incredibly agile (you try jumping a lot on skates going 40 mph) and incredibly fast. So he's quick, he's strong, and he's trained. Out of all of these guys, we like his odds. Come on, Elvis. At the very least, you might actually make grown men voluntarily watch figure skating.