AfterShokz Blast Your Cheeks, Not Your Ears, For Headphone Supremacy

January 12, 2012

There are a lot of headphones at CES this year. 50 Cent debuted his headphones. Ludacris announced his line of headphones. The Bob Marley estate rolled out a line of headphones. A lot of companies are spending a lot of money to get you to buy headphones.

AfterShokz, though, take a different tactic: they use your bones to play your music.

It uses a technology called "bone conduction," where sound waves are transmitted via your cheekbones, rather than speakers socketed in your ears. This sounds weird, but it has the distinct advantage of keeping your ears free to hear other sounds, like honking horns, barking dogs ... or enemy combatants. AfterShokz are based on a military grade technology currently in use in the field to allow soldiers to stay on the radio without compromising their hearing.

AfterShokz are available in sports, gaming, and mobile versions, so, yes, you will be able to get on the phone without distracting your ears. That doesn't mean you should drive wearing these things -- that's still a bad idea -- but now you'll be able to go jogging without worrying about missing a car driving by.