The Sport of Soccer Figures out Appropriate Punishment for Loving Your Mother

January 26, 2011

Soccer uber-star Lionel Messi recently took the opportunity to wish his mother a happy birthday during Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Racing Santander. Naturally, he received a yellow card (soccer’s version of a stern warning) and small fine from the league’s governing body. There’s a good chance he will also be issued a written request to “not try that **** again” on Mother’s Day.

CNNSI reports
“The Barcelona forward was fined and given a yellow card Tuesday, three days after he converted a penalty kick in 3-0 win over Racing Santander and lifted his jersey in front a television camera to reveal an undershirt with the handwritten words: "Happy birthday, mami!"

To be fair, Messi didn’t receive a yellow card during the game. It happened when something called “The Royal Spanish Federation” heard about his antics and decided to punish him retroactively. You know, to make an example out of him in case any other mavericks got the sadistic urge to wish their mothers a happy birthday.

Somewhere, in the punishment dungeons of the NFL's headquarters, Roger Godell is giving a slow clap.

Photo: Stone/Getty Images