Booing the American Anthem is as French Canadian as Poutine and Separatism

April 20, 2010

The freedom-hating fans of the Montreal Canadiens dealt a devastating blow to the United States' ego last night when they boisterously booed the Star-Spangled Banner before their game against the Washington Capitals. (All three U.S. citizens on the team seemed pretty upset about it.)

The classy Canadiens fans have a storied history of expressing their misguided displeasure and are currently ranked first on ESPN’s “Anthem Booing Power Rankings.”

The last, and most notable, time this occurred was in a series against the Boston Bruins several years ago. The Montreal faithful gave the Star-Spangled Banner a proverbial middle figure for what was possibly a protest against Senatorial term limits (or just because they’re massive dicks).

When the series came back to Boston most Canadians (the normal “non-French” ones) were scared that the Massachusetts residents would respond in a similar fashion. Boy we’re they wrong.

Rather than sink to Montreal’s level, Boston fans ecstatically cheered “Oh Canada” in one of classiest anthem-related showings in recent memory.

Hopefully, the Washington crowd follows a similar path.

Photo: Francois Lacasse/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images