Netflix Won't Be Splitting Itself In Half After All

October 10, 2011

Hey, remember when Netflix announced it was raising prices and splitting itself in two, probably thanks to the fact that the post office is dying a slow, painful death? If not, hi, and welcome to your first day on the Internet. People complain about relatively trivial things on here a lot. Wait until Facebook has a layout change!

Well, everybody can just put their outrage back in its burlap sack, because the second worst thing to ever happen to white people is officially cancelled. Yes, Netflix has taken Qwikster out back and done the right thing, before it even launched. You will still get your DVDs and streaming from the exact same place.

This comes at the end of an ugly couple of months for Netflix. They lost a million subscribers in the wake of announcing that you could get streaming for eight bucks, DVDs for eight bucks, but both were now going to run you sixteen bucks instead of ten. They lost even more goodwill as customers complained extensively online that just because Netflix is shipping a dying format over a shipping network that only survives as a conduit for junk mail and may be gone next year, and facing steadily rising content prices, that didn't mean the consumer should actually pay for it. These are usually the same people complaining about how nobody respects capitalism.

But, fortunately, everything is back to normal: Netflix is done with price increases, and it won't be splitting off its DVD arm. At least until it becomes an unprofitable withering limb of a mighty streaming tree.

Source: Getty Images Latam/Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment