Mantenna - Monday, April 5

April 5, 2010

Michael Lohan is planning an intervention with Lindsay, tonight's NCAA Championship is a lot like David vs. Goliath, and Madonna is the most played artist of the decade...I'll show you my Mantenna if you show me yours!

Source: Lenny Furman/Getty Images

Michael Lohan Planning a Lindsay Intervention

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad, is reportedly planning an intervention in a last ditch effort to help his troubled daughter. The pair have a somewhat strained relationship over the years and Lindsay currently refuses to communicate with him. Michael told, “Since I found out what a horrible way Lindsay is in, and after finding out how drastic it has become, I immediately contacted the necessary people in Lindsay's circle, including her attorney as well as an attorney of my own. It is nobody's business when or how it will happen. Hopefully Lindsay, her attorney and the 'people' who influence her, will be on board. If not, the process will continue without them. I promise that!" Michael apparently planned for the intervention to occur this past weekend. However it had to be postponed due to Easter and difficulties with people’s schedules. [X17 Online]

Jesse James Leaves/Reenters Rehab

Jesse James recently went into rehab for sex addiction in a last bid effort to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock. After a week in a facility in Arizona, the West Coast Chopper owner checked himself out. According to Radar Online, the reality television star left the 45-day program after his estranged wife refused to take his phone call, which was part of a group therapy session. After a few days AWOL from rehab, James is back. Radar is reporting that today James has checked himself back into the facility. [Radar Online]

Madonna is Most Played Artist of Decade

Source: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

This is just straight up horrible. Madonna has been named the U.K'.s most played artist of the decade by the music licensing body PPL.  The chart, compiled for BBC Radio 2, was based on plays on television, radio, and in public places such as shops, pubs, and clubs between 2000 and 2009. Ironically enough, The Beatles came in at number two. This might be the saddest thing that I have ever typed. [Telegraph]

Tonight's NCAA Championship is a Lot Like David vs. Goliath (If Goliath was a Massive Prick that Nobody Liked)

College basketball takes center stage tonight when the Butler Bulldogs take on the heavily-favored Duke Blue Devils in a game that will ultimately decide whether or not good can defeat evil. Will Butler show the world that people from Indiana can ultimately be successful? Will Duke further show the world that their deal with Satan is stronger than ever? Is Coach K going to ever admit he shaved points in the United States-Angola Olympic game? Lots of storylines in Indianapolis tonight… But the big question is will Butler be able to cover the spread? [Gather]

Defense Department Releases Documents Revealing 32 Little-Known Nuclear Accidents

Remember the time the U.S. Air Force accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on a family in South Carolina? That and 31 other nuclear accidents including nuclear bombs inadvertently falling through bomb bay doors, the accidental firing of a retrorocket on an ICBM, the vast dispersal of radioactive debris, and the loss of enriched fissile material and nuclear bombs (which are "still out there somewhere"), have been revealed by the Department of Defense.  Sleep tight, America! [NS Archive]

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Coming Thursday

Apple on Thursday will apparently reveal details of the highly-anticipated iPhone OS 4.0. This update marks the next major milestone version of the platform for Apple's extremely popular smarthphone. The 4.0 reveal all but ensures Apple will spend another week in the tech headline spotlight, following this past week's frenzy around the release of Apple's iPad. [Gizmodo]


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