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10 Marvel Characters We'd Love to See Make it to the Big Screen

by Kevin Marshall   February 13, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,095

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck marvel

With the proliferation of superhero films, it's the perfect time to adapt this subversive satire for the big screen. I know what you're thinking: they already did that in the 1980s! To which I say, no, they didn't. That never happened. You shut your mouth.

The Great Lakes Avengers

The Great Lakes Avengers Marvel

Another satire book that could poke a lot of fun at the superhero film genre is this group, which includes Flatman and Squirrel Girl. They were given new life in a 2005 mini-series written by Dan Slott and have popped up from time to time since. Really, we just want to see Squirrel Girl on the big screen.


She-Hulk Marvel

Yet another character that has been used mostly as satire, but also has her serious ass-kicking moments as well. Perhaps our favorite interpretation came from Dan Slott (yes, again), who framed an early 2000s series around She-Hulk's adventures as a superhero trial lawyer. It was great, great stuff, and a screenwriter could have a lot of fun with that concept.

Rom: SpaceKnight

Rom: SpaceKnight Marvel

Oh, what could have been. Originally intended simply as a means to sell a Parker Brothers Toy, the character took on a life of its own in the Marvel Universe and became a cult favorite. The comic was adventurous, made Rom interesting, and had a fantastic creative team behind it. Unfortunately, the character was owned by Parker Brothers, so future appearances in Marvel comics were permanently shelved when the series ended after seven years. His status is still in legal limbo, but maybe – just maybe – an agreement could be reached.


Hawkeye Marvel Top 10

We realize he's already in the Avengers movies, and it's likely that at some point they'll decide to spin him off into his own film like they have for so many other members. What we'd like to see, though, is an adaptation along the lines of what Matt Fraction and David Aja have done with the current Hawkeye ongoing book, which is one of the best superhero comics put out in recent memory.

What Marvel comics characters currently not in development would you like to see made into a feature film? Let us know in the comments!

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