The Mantaray iTar is the First, and Hopefully Only, iPad Keytar Mod Ever Made

June 10, 2010

The keytar is the bastard stepchild of musical instruments from the '80s - it was essentially a novelty then, and it's looked at with mild amusement and curiosity now. Of course, getting your hands on one hasn't been easy or cheap since the days when Aqua Net-drenched bands ruled the airwaves. But one intrepid inventor has a retro-mod for the iPad that can scratch your itch for '80s kitsch.

A quirky VJ by the name of Frank K. has created what is essentially a modular dock for an iPad (and/or Korg Kaos pad or other similarly sized musical gear) that allows you to play the touch-based tablet like an electronic guitar, making it ripe for intense musical performance!

In, the video, Frank declares that "gadget music is the new punk rock!" We're not so sure about that, Frank. But it's actually a pretty interesting DIY mod regardless.


Source: Engadget