Trouble in Trojan-Town as Pete Carroll Reportedly Jumps Ship Amidst Scandal

January 8, 2010

Scandals, controversy, coaching vacancies, suspensions and a student body that seems to be getting progressively more arrogant with each passing season. USC is certainly a “special” (and lucrative) place to be a student athlete. That is, of course, until the pigskin potentially hits the fan later this month.

After reports surfaced earlier today that Pete Carroll is primed to become the new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks (where he wouldn’t have to worry about the whole “legality” thing when paying his players), rumors have begun swirling about the future of USC football.

If Carroll does, in fact, take the NFL gig, it would be the third major piece of a dangerous puzzle for the men of Troy.

Within the last 30 days the following would have occurred;

1. USC Basketball suspends itself from postseason play for an entire season after getting caught paying O.J. Mayo in 2007. (Some people -mostly the NCAA - frown upon this sort of thing.) The move is allegedly done as a preemptive strike before more serious sanctions are handed down by the powers above.

2. Amidst allegations of receiving improper benefits (including a sweet SUV for his baby momma), star running back Joe McKnight suddenly declares for the NFL draft despite most analysts conceding that a senior season would help his stock.

3. After years of rejecting countless pro offers, Pete Carroll gives up the greatest gig in college football to join a mediocre NFL franchise.

Jump to your own conclusions, but it sure sounds like something's brewing in Southern California.

Source: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images