Bill Hart tells us..."This Is Why"

September 9, 2009

Bill Hart

"This Is Why", the latest release from guitar guru Bill Hart, is a fusion freight train transferring payloads full of blues, funk, rock and jazz.  It is precisely this jambalaya of genres that makes Mr. Hart's music so accessible.  "This is Why" features five-time Grammy® nominee award winner Mike Stern (guitar) along with Enrico Galetta (bass), Gary Wilkins (bass), Charles Marvray (drums), Tom Knight (drums), Jef Ven Veen (drums and Ahsa Ahla (percussion).  The result is deep groove, thick interplay and high voltage.

This masterpiece opens with "Anna Banana", dedicated to his daughter.  The sweet, strong melody "...reflects her out-going personality...", according to Mr. Hart.  This leads right into "On My Way Home", a melodic meditative journey featuring the most unique fretless guitar solo.  It leaves the listener with the feeling that all is well with the universe.

The album concludes with a spiritual collaboration with Mike Stern.  Mr. Hart's solo is a moving, one-take announcement and the perfect way to sum up this smart, listenable collection.  "This Is Why" exemplifies Mr. Hart's new directions and influences in his music and establishes his place among the top jazz/fusion guitarists of our time.

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Mike Stern appears courtesy of Heads Up International