Remote Pet Feeder is Perfect for Animal Voyeurs

June 9, 2009

Pets are a needy bunch. If you go on vacation, get thrown in jail, or just don't feel like getting up, you're going to need an internet-connected food robot to stand in for your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Now, for a mere 300 bones, you can creepily watch your pretty dine on kibble from anywhere you have a laptop and an internet connection.

When you purchase the feeder you’ll receive a large autofeeder, dishwasher-safe bowl, 24-hour programmable timer and a non-chewable cord.  And that non-chewable cord would definitely come in handy for dog owners.  They seem to get even more adventurous when no one is around to keep them entertained. And by adventurous, we mean destructive and sadistic. [Gizmodiva]