Ton And Allen Grab The Bull By The Horns

October 14, 2011
In the world of the Auction Hunters you can't help but get excited by each and every storage auction. Every trip out to the playing field could very well yield an amazing find and an equally amazing amount of cash in your pocket. This week the Hunters ventured down to Anaheim. No, it's not just the land of Mickey Mouse anymore. In fact, more than half of Anaheim Hills residents make over $100,000 a year! You know what that means: rich people with lots of extra cash to spend on fun play things. You gotta wonder what Ton and Allen found this week. Would it be their very own Magic Kingdom or more simply, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?


Facing one of the smallest crowds they've ever seen, the Auction Hunters would be more than okay with everyone going home with a room this week, so long as they were able to keep the good ones for themselves. Unfortunately, as the auctioneer opened unit after unit all the guys saw was junk. Ratty old washer/dryers, outdated computers, useless shelving units . . . not worth their time or their money. As the third unit was cracked open, things finally took a turn for the better. When you see a well-maintained room that means that there are valuable items inside, and once you figure that out then it's all about whether or not you can wrestle the room away from the other bidders. This first clean cut unit proved to be a piece of cake to snag as the other bidders didn't know what they were looking at, but when it came to the fourth and final room, everyone knew this one was something special. Allen threw everything he had at it, and luckily for only $1,100 the Hunters walked away with two solid rooms, but now it was time to find out just what was inside.


Sold For: $8,500

This room was ripe for the picking. The boxes inside even said "expensive items," but were they lying? Only one way to find out. As Ton and Allen started picking apart the room, box by box, the words "not good" and "crap" started coming out of their mouths; learning silver plated does NOT mean silver. Hmm, but what's with all the duck paraphernalia? Duck callers, hunting gear. Somebody was a fanatic, even going so far as to put some antique duck decoys into their own individual packaging. Perhaps this somebody wasn't just a fanatic, they also cared, and when somebody cares, that equals money. When the Hunters put the decoys in front of their expert, what they learned was that these were truly part of American folklore and there were serious collectors out there willing to pay good money for these Jasper N. Dodge decoys produced in the latter part of the 19th century. The hand carved beauties along with their new owners drove a hard bargain in an effort to get fair market value, but driving a hard bargain can certainly pay off as it did here. When you throw in a fancy playing banjo worth at least $1,000; these items made the room well worth the original purchase price.


Sold For: $5,000

Breaking into the second room, there were a LOT of boxes to wade through, but that's not what they were interested in. The guys grabbed the room because of the open space in the back, and they had to work their butts off to get to it. As they finally cracked through to the other side, they discovered the room's hidden treasure: a mechanical bull. Allen couldn't wait to get up on there and give her a ride. As he struggled onto the unique machine, he managed to hurt his, um, "pride" in the process. Perhaps such efforts are best left to the experts. The Hunters saddled into a honky tonk and had their rodeo expert give them an education on the bull. This El Toro model started off as a training tool, but after the popularity of a film like Urban Cowboy it quickly took off into a true piece of pop culture. Earning him a $1,000 with every second he could stay on the bucking bronco, Ton climbed aboard the bull. 1-2-3-4-5 seconds later, Ton got thrown off, but for five grand it was well worth the bruises.

Talk about a record breaking week for the Auctions Hunters. They spent a respectable $1,100 on two units. However, when you add up their sales and get a whopping $16,600, your math equals a CRAZY $15,500 in pure profit. Forget Labor Day, these boys are back in business!

Think that you can master the mechanical bull? Then you better check out Ton's ride again and see just how hard it is. Head over to for this week's episode "Rodeo Ton" now available online. Stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes featuring your favorite auction hunting hosts air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.