Marcus Fenix vs. Master Chief

June 28, 2009

Warrior -Bonus

I got this idea from Kory MayberryWarriorsX
Deadliest Warriors -Season 2 Episode X

Marcus Fenix vs. Master Chief
We stray into the worlds of fiction and sci-fi for this battle of heavyweight video game icons. For this fight I'm only using CoG and UNSC weapons.

Marcus Fenix
This gruff and grim CoG soldier is built like a tank, with the firepower to match, and took on the entire Locust Horde with only his drinking buddies and a chainsaw gun.

Master Chief
This Cyborg-Space Marine is the ultimate super soldier who took down the entire Covenant empire and saved humanity from extinction.

Marcus Fenix  - Circa, Gears of War 2
Marcus Fenix is the classic anti-hero who talks tough and acts even tougher. His specialty is cover-based assault tactics which he uses to outflank and outfight his enemies.


Armor and Cover: Marcus is protected from enemy fire by CoG issue heavy body armor that covers him from feet to neck, but leaves his head exposed for maximum visibility. However, his primary form of defense is a masterful use of cover and terrain that allows him to avoid much of the bullets and explosives that come his way.

Snub Pistol: The Snub Pistol is a standard-issue, semiautomatic sidearm with a 12-round clip and a long-distance zoom sight for improved accuracy. It’s not the most powerful pistol, but its precision and ease of use make the Snub a valuable backup.

Chainsaw Bayonet: The notorious Chainsaw Bayonet is mounted underneath a Lancer assault rifle and consists of razor-sharp, carbide-tipped blades powered by a variable-torque motor. This weapon is capable of instantly killing an enemy in an excessively violent and gory fashion.

Gnasher: The Gnasher is a powerful shotgun that uses a lever action to fire powerful buckshot in a wide spread from an 8-round internal magazine. In tight areas, the Gnasher delivers a devastating one-shot kill, but it is limited to very short range.

Lancer: The trademark weapon of the COG military, the Lancer is a fully automatic assault rifle with a 50 round magazine that works well for combat at any range. This weapon boasts a high rate of fire but a very manageable recoil, making it deadly and accurate at all ranges.

Long Shot: The Longshot is a high-powered, bolt-action sniper rifle with a powerful zoom sight that provides pinpoint accuracy at long distances—perfect for headshots. This weapon is deadly and accurate, but with only one-shot and no internal magazine the Longshot requires much practice and discipline to use effectively.

Frag Grenade: This explosive attached to a chain can be used both as a projectile and as a melee weapon. Its launch system works similar to a classic bolo, in which you twirl the weapon to build momentum before releasing it. Given the device’s small blast radius and inability to breach an enemy’s cover point, the Frag Grenade demands pinpoint accuracy. Grenades can also be tagged to enemies at close range for an explosive, messy kill or tagged to walls as improvised trip mines.

Mortar: The Mortar fires a single long-ranged shell that breaks up into smaller explosive bomblets that rain down along the Mortar's firing line to create a wide area of destruction. Although powerful, this weapon is large and unwieldy to use and can only be fired accurately if planted firmly on the ground.

Hammer of Dawn: The Hammer of Dawn consists of two separate elements: an orbital satellite equipped with an Imulsion-powered particle energy weapon and a hand-held laser designator for marking targets. Use of the Hammer requires that an orbital satellite first be aligned with the general area of operation, thus limiting most uses of the Hammer to the outdoors. Once a visual link between the targeting unit and satellite has been achieved, the user must point the hand-held unit's laser at the intended target, at which point the orbital satellite will lock onto the laser's point of termination and begin a sustained particle energy blast on the site. The blast is capable of continuous delivery for up to 7 more seconds after the initial explosion with real-time laser tracking that directs the beam to other targets. At full power the Hammer is capable of destroying even the most heavily armored units.

Master Chief - Circa, Halo 3
Also known as John-117, Master Chief is a cybernetically enhanced super soldier who can jump out of orbiting space ships and run through storms of laser fire without so much as a scratch.

Energy Shield & Armor: The MJOLNIR armor deployed by Master Chief has some damage reduction abilities and covers him from head to toe. However, the strength of this technological wonder is the recharging energy shield that wraps around the Chief and keeps him safe from all forms of attack.

M6G: The M6G Magnum is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed, magnum caliber handgun. It fires high explosive bullets from a 12 round magazine. This weapon has a relatively fast rate of fire to go along with good accuracy, range and stopping power.
Dual M7s: The M7 Sub-Machine Gun is a fully automatic weapon that fires small caliber rounds from a 60-round magazine at an extremely high rate of fire. Master Chief can wield two of these deadly weapons at once and spray his enemies with a hail of bullets.

M90A: The M90A CAWS Shotgun is a model of pump action shotgun with a fixed stock and pistol grip that fires heavy buckshot shells from a 6 round internal magazine. This weapon is devastating at close range but has a fairly narrow spread pattern that keeps its lethality even at mid range.

MA5C: The MA5C is a fully automatic, magazine-fed, short ranged Assault Rifle. This weapon houses an on-board electronics suite, including a screen indicating rounds left in the magazine and a compass. It fires 7.62mm x 51 rounds from a 32 round magazine with average accuracy, range, and power but an extremely high rate of fire.

BR55HB: The BR55HB is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, Battle Rifle that fires 9.5x40mm rounds in three round bursts from a 36 round magazine. This weapon also features a scope with 2x magnification, which adds to its excellent accuracy and stopping power at mid to long ranges.

SRS99D: Is a semi-automatic, gas-operated, magazine-fed, sniper rifle that fires Armor-Piercing rounds from a four round magazine. This weapon features a 5x and 10x scope with real-time display and an LCD screen that shows an infrared view of what the scope sees. Its power, accuracy and range are outstanding but the heavy recoil it generates forces the operator to readjust after every shot.

M9 HE: The UNSC-issued M9 HE-DP is a high explosive grenade with a large blast radius that is deadly up to 5 meters while causing damage to energy shields, armor, and flesh up ten meters (30ft) radius. Four may be carried at a time.

M41 SSR: The M41 SSR, alternatively called the "Spanker", is a heavy ordinance weapon of the UNSC. It fires dual-purpose guided rockets that can act as Surface to Air Missiles or High Explosive Anti-Tank rockets. The launcher sports a 2x scope and can fire rockets over long distances with devastating accuracy. When reloaded, the barrels are removed. Two preloaded barrels are then inserted back into the launcher.

Spartan Laser: The M6 Spartan Laser is a shoulder-mounted direct energy weapon used by the UNSC. It holds 5 charges and fires an extremely powerful red laser capable of destroying vehicles and infantry with one accurate strike. When the trigger is pulled, a red sighting laser is projected on-target. The Spartan Laser will then charge for three seconds before firing its powerful and destructive burst.


Close Combat
Gnasher vs. Shotgun
This is a close call because both shotguns are deadly at short ranges, but the Gnasher gets the edge for better ammo capacity and rate of fire.

Snub Pistol vs. Magnum
The snub pistol has the edge in rate of fire, but the Magnum is just as accurate and has superior killing power.

Lancer vs. Assault Rifle & Battle Rifle
The Assault Rifle has an outstanding rate of fire and the Battle Rifle has outstanding accuracy, but the Lancer has both in a single package.

Long Range
Long Shot vs. Sniper Rifle
Both weapons are powerful and accurate at long ranges but the Sniper Rifle has a four round magazine and superior rate of fire.

Frag Grenade vs. High Explosive Grenade
The Frag has some nice tricks, but the HE is a more powerful grenade and is much easier to use.

Mortar vs. Spanker
The Mortar is designed to devastate a large area while the Spanker is designed to destroy a single target. Both have advantages but the Spanker is more versatile and has two shots before needing to reload.

Hammer of Dawn vs. Spartan Laser
The Spartan Laser is a one-shot killer but is difficult to hit with. The Hammer can rain devastation over a wide area and change the battlefield.


Chainsaw Bayonet vs. Dual M7
The Chief's twin sub-machineguns are deadly at close range, but the Chainsaw Bayonet is devastating and can chew through enemies like butter.

Master Chief is faster, stronger, and tougher but Marcus Fenix is a better tactician and has the best weapon in the fight, the Lancer. However, I just don't think that Fenix packs the right kind of heavy firepower to stop a rampaging Spartan coming at him 100 miles per hour. Whereas, the Chief has the kind of explosive weapons that can root Marcus out from behind cover.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Chief  Fenix
Close       40     50   
Short       20     10
100    150
Long        50     30
Grenade    100     30
Heavy      120     50
Laser       60     80
Special     40     70       
Total      530    470