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The Top 10 Enemies That Were Worse Than Bosses

by Theta1138   March 29, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 5,752

Everybody knows that once you get to the end of a level, you face a boss. And sometimes, you'll come across a guy who's just brutal. Finally, thumbs sore and eyes red, you drop him. Then three more pop up and you realize that this wasn't even the boss!  He was just a regular enemy. This is everywhere in gaming, but these are the enemies to really ruin your day.

Source: Bungie

By Dan Seitz


10. Brute Chieftain from Halo 3

There's nothing more unfair than immunity from grenades.  Grenades are supposed to be the great equalizer, giving out lots of fun damage for everybody.  But the Brute Chieftain remains immune to all but one:

To give you an idea of just how tough these guys are, it takes 43 bullets to put them in the ground.  And that's after you disable their shields.  Oh, and they also have an invincibility power-up, because apparently they just felt a little unsafe and wanted to ensure that the new orifice they rip you is spacious, comfortable, and properly located.


9. Alto Angelo from Devil May Cry 4

Source: Capcom

Okay, so Devil May Cry has never exactly been noted for being easy, but these guys really push the bounds of annoying.  Here's a video of what it takes to beat them.  Notice the first thing they do is shrug off the bum's rush you try to give them:

Oh, and we forgot to mention, they come in packs.  Amazingly, despite their heavy armor, cheap attacks, and ability to beat you like a redheaded stepchild, Dante's hair still doesn't get mussed.


8. Regenerator from Resident Evil 4

Source: Capcom

Resident Evil 4 was an awesome and challenging game.  We're talking about a game that has you running around with a chainsaw-wielding instant kill monster in the first 10 minutes.  But on the bright side, it solved the problem of not giving you enough ammo to take care of business. A chainsaw is good, but a boomstick is better.

At least until you got to the Regenerators:

So, basically, your guns are worthless until you find the special weapon for killing them.  Gee, thanks, guys.  Because we totally wanted to be reminded of the first three games.


7. REV6 Powered Armor from F.E.A.R.

Source: Monolith Productions

You know, it's bad enough when an FPS features a creepy little girl coming after you.  Do they really have to throw in practically unkillable guys in robot suits?  That do things like, say, chase you through buildings, crash through the walls, and trash the place?

The REV6 is the most memorable, but they go up to REV8, the wrecking ball you see above.  We've got to wonder who thought this was fair.  You're just a dude with bullet-time powers and a machine gun against a guy in metal pants with rocket launchers.  That seems a bit like sending a hamster to fight Godzilla.


6. Rose the Spider Splicer from BioShock

Source: Irrational Games

But wait, you say!  I've played BioShock, along with the rest of the western hemisphere!  The Splicer is just a standard enemy!  Well, sure, for most of the game.  But the first one you meet is just a little bit special.  Here's Rose:

Because spider splicers just weren't nearly annoying enough as an enemy, Rose is the first you meet, and she's been eating whatever Rapture's version of Wheaties is, and also probably taking meth, because she's got six times the hit points of your standard issue enemy and a crappier attitude to go with it.

Welcome to Rapture, here's your beating!


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