Seriously, Who Would Buy this Lady Gaga Blow Up Doll?

June 24, 2010

Some bright mind in the adult sex business has created a lifelike blow up doll in the image of Lady Gaga. What were they thinking?

The “love doll” is named the Lady Gag Gag (presumably so they don’t get sued) and is a part of Pipedream’s celebrity line of sex dolls. The package of the “aid” shows a Lady Gaga look-a-like dressed in a fishnet stocking outfit and posing proactively with her legs apart. The product is a little misleading as the look-a-like on the package is far hotter than the real Lady Gaga.

The product makers do have a sense of humor and play with some of Lady Gaga’s more famous song lyrics such as “She Loves It When You Poke-Her Face!” and “I Wanna Take A Ride on Your Disco Stick!” With lines like this it’s difficult to know whether this is a joke or if the makers truly believe there are people out their who want to get intimate with a plastic Lady Gaga.

Whatever the case, it's definitely a great gag gift!

Photo: Pipedream