Married Soccer Star Learns Tough Lesson about Hooking up with Transsexuals you Meet on Facebook

September 29, 2010

When meeting a starstruck groupie you’ve developed a relationship with over Facebook, it’s important to ask some tough questions before hooking up in a handicap bathroom stall. “Were you born a man?” is probably one of them.

Fullham defender Carlos Salcido certainly wishes he would have inquired about the Y chromosome status of a young “lady” he digitally romanced and later spent quality time canoodling at a small soccer party.

According to Mexican news outlets, “at some point during the party, Carlos walked Yamille [the transsexual in question] over to the bathroom because Yamille wanted to ‘wash her hands.’ Next thing you know, Yamille says the two proceeded to make out and 'do some oral stuff' but nothing too hardcore."

Several days later, the woman - who performed “some oral stuff” - used instant messenger to inform Salcido that she was born a man.

Not exactly the news Salcido was looking for, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

Photo: Workbook Stock/Getty Images

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