Roli Delgado Topped by Junie

October 23, 2008

"Hit me! C'mon, my grandmother hits harder than that! Hit Me!"

Well, it worked for Rocky against Clubber Lang and as sound a technique as it may be, it just didn't pan out for Roli Delgado when he tried it against Junie Browning on episode six of The Ultimate Fighter. Hit the jump to hear all his post-fight thoughts on Junie, the House and his black belt being disrespected.

SP: You were doing a lot of talking during your fight with Junie what were you saying?

RD: It first started with him pointing to his chin and he let me hit him a few times. Then tere were times when he'd hit me and I told him he couldn't hurt me. I was just kind of laughing at him because he was hitting me with some solid shots and I think I told him twice ‘you can't hurt me, you can't hurt me.' Then when I was on the ground, I was telling him ‘c'mon lets do some jiu-jitsu. Get down here. I kept saying that, but he didn't want to. That was pretty much it. It was a fun fight.

SP: After the fight, you were pretty emotional. Was that just the adrenaline or were really that crushed?

RD: I was crushed for sure, man. It was so close; you know, you don't know if you won or lost until the guy says "Hey, split decision," and you find out you lost. When it's that close you look back on the smallest changes that might have changed the outcome of the fight. I wanted to win. I had a second chance to be on the show and I didn't win. It sucked. I was very upset. Most fighters, when they lose, are pretty upset. I'm not that different.

SP: During the fight, you were hitting him with some pretty good shots and you landed some knees, you just weren't able to finish.

SP: Do you think Junie is accurately portrayed on the show?

RD: Well, he had his moments when he was a really nice kid, too. But they didn't make any of that stuff up. It all happened, you know. He's a loose cannon, but there were plenty of times when he just a very nice guy. They showed him as being a jerk all the time, but that's what he gets. I don't really feel bad for him. People always say to me, "Oh, I want to kick that kid's ass, I hate that kid." I always tell those people he's not that bad. He's more immature than anything. He still has a lot of growing up to do. I have no animosity against him whatsoever; he's jut living his life, doing his thing. I think he's probably being portrayed correctly, but they could level it out a little. They make it seem like he drank everyday and he drank everyday, but that wasn't the case.

SP: When the guys started asking about your black belt, it was kind of left up in the air. Was that all there was to that story, or were there further developments off camera?

RD: I told them how I got my black belt and who I got it from. What else could I do? After the fight, it wasn't really an issue anymore. The video is online. If you go to Google Videos and type my name in, I had it taped when I was in Brazil so it's really a non-issue. It's unfortunate that it was made into that. People that aren't on the internet forums are going to wonder if I'm really full of sh*t or not. I didn't appreciate that attack on my integrity but, thank God I at least have the Google Video, so it's not really an issue.

SP: How's your training going now?

RD: It's great. I'm doing a lot of boxing now. I've got a new boxing coach that I'm working with down at this gym and he's phenomenal. I'm still working on my jiu-jitsu and I'm still working on my wrestling. It's just day-in and day-out training. We have a lot of up-and-coming fighters, so I have to stay in shape jut to keep up with these guys.

SP: After your fight with Junie, he said that gained a lot of respect for you. Does that go both ways?

RD: I expected him to be a tough kid, man. I knew he would be a tough opponent and I respected him as a fighter. I knew he wasn't as good as he said he was; I never bought into the hype. He's just another athletic kid, you know. He's pretty well-rounded, but he's nothing really special. He's tough, for sure and he has as much of a future in this sport as he wants but I didn't gain any respect for him. We did what we were supposed to do. We're supposed to get in there and fight like that. It's a shame that everybody doesn't fight 100 percent. You're not supposed to hold back in the cage and I think that's what we did. Neither of us were as technical as we could have been; we both made mistakes but nobody can argue that either one of us was not trying to win.

SP: Is there anything else you want to add?

RD: Yea, I just want to plug one of our guys. We have Mike Wessel coming up out of the West Side Gym now. He's got an overall record of 16-1, he's a super heavyweight. He's got his boxing debut coming up next week and he's just climbing the ranks.Just keep your eye out for Mike Wessel

SP: Alright, that's all I have. Thanks a lot for your time and good luck.

RD: I appreciate it, have a great day.