How to Deke

January 23, 2010

how to deke in hockey

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When stick handling you should always move the puck. This is also called dribbling. When you keep the puck moving you keep the other players thinking, which makes it harder for them to take the puck off of you.

If you watch NHL or any level of hockey you will see other players that are amazing with the puck. You will notice all of these similarities in the best stick handlers in hockey.

The first step is the preparation.

You have to prepare to deke. You should know what deke you are going to do (in time it just comes naturally without thinking) If you are going to just fly past the player then put the puck as far away from the player as you can to protect the puck and then proceed skate past. If you are going to deke the other player then you should bait him with the puck and wait for the player to make a move

The second step in a deke is the fake or the move.

Now is the time when you make a move. Usually you can wait for the other player to try and get the puck and then you make your move. There are a lot of moves you can do, some common moves are putting the puck between the players legs, under their stick, or just moving the puck from one side to the other.

The third step to a deke is the separation.

Now that you have made your move you should protect the puck so the other player can not get it. Move it away from the other player to a safe spot

The fourth and final step to a deke is acceleration.

Now that you are past the player you just have to accelerate to get past the player and now you either have another player to deke, you can pass to another player, or you will be one on one with the goalie

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