Mantenna - Tuesday, September 22

September 22, 2009

Anna Friel makes going to the theater sexy, Plaxico Burress signs a two-year deal with federal prison, and Nicolas Cage suits up as Superman...Yo Mantenna, we did it!

Source:Mike Marsland/Getty Images

The Theater Just Got Really Sexy

When most dudes hear the word “theater” they tend to think: geek, nerd, Shakespeare – in that order. But every now and then theater is better than anything else. When is that the case, you ask? When Anna Friel takes off all of her clothes for the duration of a scene of a play, that’s when.  She’s presently starring in Breakfast at Tiffany’s at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket, and, well, she gets naked. There’s really not a whole lot to say, but there’s a whole lot to see, and you have to see it for yourself. And no, it’s not too late for you to switch majors. It’s never too late. [Egotastic]

There Can Be Only One. Or Two. Or Three. Or Four…

A lot of people out there feared that there would never be another Highlander film again. But it turns out those fears were totally misplaced: Highlander is back, and the guy who directed Tokyo Drift is going to bring the franchise back to life. Why? It’s hard to say. At this point in time anything that was mildly successful five or more years ago is fair game for a remake/reboot/reimagining. So why not? And in case you feared director Justin Lin was going to make a hash of it, let’s not forget he’s the man who also made Annapolis and Fast & Furious. In other words, this franchise is in awesome hands. [/Film]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Role Nicolas Cage Mercifully Didn’t Get

These days Nicolas Cage seems to star in anything and everything. Action movies, fantasy movies, dramas, comedies -- doesn’t matter. He’s in everything. Well here’s something to keep you up at night (with either the willies or the chuckles): Cage came this close to getting the role of Superman. Back in 1997 Tim Burton was trying to get a project off the ground called Superman Lives – for better or for worse it did not manage to fly. But if it had, we would possibly have seen Cage fly. He was considered so seriously for a role that they even went so far as to take a snapshot of him in a full-body, latex suit, complete with overgrown Prince Valiant haircut. Which leaves us to ponder: who was more insane, Burton or Cage? If there’s any video of this, please, please let it wind up on the interwebs. [Collider]

This Week on the History Channel's Misleadingly Titled Comedies

Who doesn't love the History Channel? From documentaries about Hitler to documentaries about people who knew Hitler, the network is your one-stop shop for anything Hitler-related. Okay, so they have some other shows too. You should see what they're doing with Ugly Betty! [CollegeHumor]

Plaxico Burress Signs Two-Year Deal with Federal Prison


Source: Chris Gardner/Getty Images

After shooting himself in the leg with an unregistered weapon last year, former New York Giants' wide receive Plaxico Burress was officially sentenced to two years in prison today, effectively ruining his fantasy football value and chances to once again join the teammates he abandoned and friends he tried to rat on with the New York Giants. [Hollywood Gossip]

F***ed Up Wins Polaris Music Prize

Toronto hardcore outfit F***ed Up has taken home the $20,000 prize and award for Canada's Polaris Music Prize. 10 Canadian music journalists, bloggers, and broadcasters awarded the band the prize, previously won by Caribou and Patrick Watson. The groups’ LP The Chemistry of Common Life was given the award, much to the surprise of frontman Damian Abraham. "We got here today and got frisked on the way in," said Abraham. "And I thought this is going to suck, getting frisked and not coming away with anything, but at least we'll get a free iPod [given to nominees]. Well, we won the Polaris. It's a lot better than an iPod." Indeed it is, Damian. Indeed it is. [Ottawa Citizen]

Nissan to Add Futuristic, Blade Runner-style Sounds to Electric Vehicle Lineup

Electric cars might be peacefully quiet, but they lack the aural balls of a V8, and pose a safety risk to pedestrians, blind or otherwise. That's why next year's Nissan Leaf will have a whirring sound reminiscent of a Blade Runner police spinner. Nissan's engineers were originally tasked to simply recreate the sound of an engine. But, says 30-year veteran noise and vibration expert, Toshiyuki Tabata: "We decided that if we're going to do this, if we have to make sound, then we're going to make it beautiful and futuristic. We wanted something a bit different, something closer to the world of art." Now all they have to do is make them look cool and fun to drive. [Bloomberg]

Leaked Docs Point to PlayStation Motion Controller Release Date, PSN Additions

Leaked internal memos between Sony and Sega seem to indicate that, not only will the PlayStation Network gain Dreamcast titles, but that the new PS3 motion controller is slated for a Spring 2010 release in Japan. The memos also indicated that Sony would be focusing on a stronger PS3/PSP integration strategy in the coming months. Both Sony and Sega declined to comment on the rumors. [Kotaku]

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