Deadliest Warrior - Alexander The Great vs Sun Tzu

July 16, 2010

Close Range - Kopis vs Jian - Kopis due to hacking power of the sword and the durability of it.

Mid Range - Zhua vs Xyston - Xyston due to the massive length plus the double edges of the spear and the power to penetrate armors

Long range - Gastraphetes vs Repeating Crossbow - Repeating Crossbow due to its rapid fire shots and poison tip bolts. it also has more rounds in the magazine unlike the Gastraphetes.

Special Weapons - Balista vs flaming Arrows- flaming Arrows due to the double damage and its faster reload timing.

Training - Pankration vs Kung fu - Draw due to being both dangerous form of early physical hand to hand combat. I have to give it a draw


The Battle:

The Macedonian army is going back to their base in order to recover from the previous battle earlier. Alexander tells the squad that they are close to the base and be alert arounf the area. Meanwhile the Chinese army commanded by Sun Tzu saw the retreating Macedonians and prepared their weapons for attack. They quickly covered the paths with oil and leave the area immediately. Alexander quickly smells something funny and he quickly tells his soldiers about it. the Chinese army prepared to take aim with their flaming arrows the moment the Macedonians step in for the kill. When the Macedonian army enters the trap, The enemy statred launching their flaming arrows and connecting with accuracy. Some Macedonians burned to death while the others including Alexander prepares for combat. The Men loads their Gastraphetes and fire them at the Chinese army. The huge bolts penetrated their hard leather armor. The Macedonians also used the Balista which also knocked off the enemies defense.

Alaxander Comands his soldiers to attack the enemy head on in which they obliged quickly as possible.The Chinese army counter attack with the repeating crossbows in which are effective in some Macedonians soldiers, but the crossbow bolts deflects on Alexanders armor when it hits. Alexander manages to use the xyston and impales the Crossbow wielding Chinese Soldier sending him to the floor. A group of Soldier are watching the battle takes place on the top of the hill along with Sun Tzu. He asks his Soldier about the mysterious warrior wearing a strange armor. His own men does not who he is. After that, They Immediately went down the hill and join the battle. Alexander continues to fight with the xyston Impaling 13 or 15 more men with it, He laughs with joy facing enemy who are not challeging enough for him to kill and slaughter.

As Sun Tzu went down the hill, He was attaked by Macedonian Soldiers with their Kopis sword. Sun Tzu kills them with ease with the Jian sword hacking away their hands from their body and impaling them through the neck. One Macedonian Soldier was lucky enough to land a blow with the Gastraphetes into Sun Tsu arm. Sun Tzu pulls out the bolt with no problem and prepares to cross swords with his Macedonian advesary. The Soldier pulls out his kopis and attacks the chinese general. The two warriors clashes sword but the soldier was decapitated by the chinese general himself and chuckles as a result. Alexander finally saw an advesary worthy of fighting and immediately picks up his xyston and charge at Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu Immediately picks up the zhua iron claw from a fallen comrade and proceeds to attack Alexander with it. Alexander is having a tought time using the xyston on foot while Sun Tzu is not having any difficulty at all with the Zhua iron claw.

Both Military general clash with their diabolical weapon in which Sun Tzu manage to stay on top. Sun Tzu breaks the Xyaton in half, but Alexander manages to throw but broken half of the Xyston with one hitting Sun Tzu in the leg and the other misses quickly. Alaxander picks up a shield from his fallen comrade and drew his kopis sword immediately.both warriors clashed once again in which disarms Alexander with his shield. Alexander manage to tackle Sun Tzu in order to disarm him with his Zhua Iron Claw and began to apply Pankration. Sun Tzu Manage to reverse the submission hold from Alexander the great and kicks him in the head with full power.

Sun Tzu manages to land more blows on Alexander but it has no effect on him due to the solid helmet and armor. Sun Tzu Draws his Jian Sword quickly as possible and proceeds to attack Alexander. The great Macedonian general picks up his kopis Sword and charges at Sun Tzu full head. Both warriors clashed sword violently as possible Alexander manage to slash at Sun tzu hitting his left arm. It  did not stop the chinese general and proceeds his own attack with his jian sword with full power at his best. Alexander manages to inflict a powerful Slash across Sun Tzu ripping his armor to shred. and Impales his Kopis sword into his Chest for good measure.

Alexander manages to raise his hand in victory along with his kopis sword. The Chinese army retreats quickly as possible after seeing their great general dead on the floor.

Sun Tzu

Jian - 179

Zhua - 250

Repeating Crossbow - 169

Flaming Arrows - 80



Alexander The Great

Kopis - 180

Xyston - 255

Gastraphetes - 177

Balista - 80


The fight was extrremely close but i think the better general won and its Alexander the great himself.