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New York Minute: A Quick-and-Dirty Visual Guide to NY Comic-Con '09

by spike.com   February 12, 2009 at 5:30PM  |  Views: 75

Didn't make it to New York for the east coast's annual geekfest this year?   Fret not.  With trusty iPhone in hand, we snapped up the best of what New York Comic-Con '09 had to offer -- all for your clicking convenience (and none of the odor). Surprise cinematics, tantalizing toys, and a cavalcade of cosplay await after the jump.

Though still a wee guppy compared to the shark that is San Diego Comic-Con, New York's similarly tailored offerings spared no expense at putting on a grand show.  Hot off the heels of last year's The Dark Knight and in eager preparation for next month's Watchmen, DC Comics was once again a force to be reckoned with, settling in on the floor's prime real estate with HD trailers on loop from its hottest properties.  There's still not much known about the rumored Justice League movie in the works, but the excitement swarming around Zak Snyder's latest project was more than enough to tide over the majority of comic book crooners flocking to the booth.

In a pleasant turn of events, the wonderful world of videogaming also came on strong this year with a number of show exclusives and debuts.  Publishers like Sega, Bandai Namco, Sony Online Entertainment, and Atari took up a good stretch of the showroom floor with dozens of kiosks lined up for play.  It doesn't quite rekindle the flames of E3's former glory days, but the enthusiasm was undoubtedly palpable.

Of all the games in attendance, comic book movie games were huge compared to everything else.  Audiences were treated to sneak peeks of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, first-hand trials of DC Universe Online and Wanted: Weapons of Fate, and a fleeting glimpse of the highly anticipated Wolverine: Origins.

Barring comic games, NYCC also produced some stealthy appearances by MadWorld, Sega's Sin City-style beat-em-up, and Prototype—an upcoming action-adventure jaunt about one pissed off guy and a whole lot of tentacles.  Personally, I'm a Dragon Ball man myself, so I couldn't help but be intrigued by this chilling prelude of things to come.

Always the convention staple, schwag was plentiful and ludicrous in demand.  Take this foam toilet bowl lip, for instance.  People will wear anything as long as it's free and readily available.



For those that preferred to earn their stash of loot the old fashioned way (read: money), NYCC filled out nearly a third of its floor space with comic book retailers and novelty vendors.  50% off trade paperbacks and juicy 2-for-1 deals were not completely unheard of; some of the best sales are birthed in these seedy, nerd-infested breeding pens.

Source: Patrick Morales

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