Mantenna - Wednesday, February 11

February 11, 2009

The Wachowski Brothers take on Superman, The White Stripes mark Conan O'Brien's departure from Late Night, and a sexy photo spread of 21-year-old Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn's the Mantenna!


The Base System Explained

Have you ever been with a girl, things are getting hot and heavy, hands are everywhere and you wonder, "What base am I on?" Have I made it to second base, or is this only first base? What do I tell my friends? The whole base metaphor is confusing. Luckily the xkcd web comic has created a helpful baseball diagram which explains the ins and out(field)s of getting it on. [xkcd]

Brooklyn Decker’s Sports Illustrated Body Paint

Bar Rafaeli may be this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, but it's 21-year-old model Brooklyn Decker who’s stolen the spotlight. Decker appears in the magazine wearing a bikini that's painted on. Yes, she’s naked except for some paint. Brooklyn is currently engaged to tennis player Andy Roddick, has a superhero-sounding name and is best known for her amazing natural breasts. Speculation is already mounting that Brooklyn is a sure thing for next year’s Sports Illustrated cover. [Egotastic]

Wachowski Brothers Take on the Man of Steel

After The Matrix movies the Wachowski brothers have been looking for a new franchise, and it looks like they’ve found one: Superman. The Wachowskis were going to direct a project called Plastic Man, but things changed at Warner Bros. and this project may not go as according to plan. In the event that it doesn’t, the Wachowskis might be the men behind the camera for the (now second) Superman reboot. They are, according to James McTeigue, “currently reviewing their options.” It should be noted that Bryan Singer is out of the running – his Superman days are done for good and he’s channeling his energies into a remake of Logan’s Run. Is Superman cursed or what? [Cinematical]

If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

Even though The Wire’s final season aired last year, fans just can’t get enough of the amazing Baltimore drama. Our good pals over at The Smoking Section have put together a pretty amazing list based on the epic characters from the show. The list is a “Who would play me in a movie?” game further realized and repurposed, i.e. which rappers would play characters on The Wire? [The Smoking Section]

White Stripes to Rock Conan's Last Late Night

Conan O'Brien and The White Stripes have a late night TV bond that few can rival. So with Conan leaving Late Night to replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, it seems like a perfect fit for The White Stripes to rock the show's farewell episode.   The show airing on February 20th will be Conan's last episode at the 12:35 slot, and this will be The White Stripes' first live performance since the summer of 2007. It's gonna be sweet. Rock! [Pitchfork]

Wedding Cakes for a Delicious Divorce



Uncoached has scoured the intertubez for the most devastating starts to the institution of holy matrimony, and they found some wedding cakes that’ll give you a stomach ache just by looking at them.  There are a lot of video game-themed cakes, which could be construed as a bad idea. But probably the worst sugar-and-flour omen is in the form of the twin-towered cake on top of which the bride and groom are in a deadly gun battle.  Love is a battlefield. [Uncoached]

Blockbuster Total Access Gets you Video Games

Blockbuster has been floundering in the wake of its tech-savvy competitor, Netflix.  But one of the few handhelds it has kept has been on games.  Now, their Total Access mail system is offering video games, too!  It’s still in the testing phase, and there is no pricing as of yet. [Gizmodo]

Top Gear - In Space?

They've launched an original MINI off a giant snow-covered ski jump, nearly sent a Reliant Robin into orbit and now, the Top Gear crew may toy with space exploration again, except this time, they'll strap themselves inside before pulling the trigger. According to Will Whitehorn, president of Virgin Galactic, the BBC approached his company looking to launch Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond into space for a future Top Gear episode. Virgin hopes to send its first commercial flight into space before the end of next year. [Daily Star]

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