10 Greatest Games of the Decade

December 7, 2012

A new addition to this year's VGAs includes, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the VGAs, a fan vote of the top videogames of the past decade.

This vote will celebrate a phenomenal decade of gaming and decide which game is the best of the best. Spike has teamed up with Entertainment Weekly to compile a list of 10 video games that have clearly risen above all others.

This past decade, we have seen the videogame world divide into many different branches. All videogames of all shapes, sizes, categories, and systems were up for nomination. These videogames were carefully dissected and critiqued until a definitive list could be assembled. After much debate, the top 10 list is finally finished. The list includes Batman: Arkham City, Portal, Half-Life 2, and Bioshock, among others.

Now that the list is set, it is the fans' turn to choose the winner. YOU have the power to decide which game will take the throne as the top videogame of the past decade. We did our job. Now do yours! The winner will be announced at VGA 10. Go to EW.com/VGA to vote. Then, tune into Spike on December 7th at 9 ET/6 PT to find out which game will take home the crown.

For gamers, it doesn't really get any bigger than this, people. As you all already know, the VGAs will recognize the best and brightest games of the year and unveil exclusive world premieres of some of the most anticipated upcoming titles the industry has to offer. The show premieres LIVE, coast-to-coast on Friday, December 7, 9PM ET/ 6PM PT only on Spike and Spike.com.

Samuel L. Jackson to Host VGA 10
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