Wired Magazine Rocks the iPad

February 16, 2010

If there was one publication destined to be a match for Apple's new tablet PC, the tech-centric magazine Wired would be it. Never ones to disappoint, the editors of Wired decided to show off how their magazine's content will look on the new device, and trust us, this ain't no gussied-up WAP site.

Wired hooked up directly with Adobe's team in order to make some multi-touch magic happen on the iPad. Since the tablet doesn't support traditional Flash at this point, this is definitely a full-on custom project between the two companies. It's due out this summer, and should be available not only on Apple devices, but on Android and PC platforms as well.

It certainly looks purdy, but we'll have to get our hands on it ourselves to be truly convinced. Does anyone remember how fast, smooth, and seamless web browsing and app switching looked in those early iPhone adverts? With that in mind, apply the appropriate dashes of salt to the video below.


Source: IndyPosted